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A woman mistakenly stepped on the accelerator caused the car out of control passers-by is sandwiched between the front wall and the Sohu News – the vehicle hit the wall East Mall news (reporter Jinchuan Wen Yao network picture) yesterday afternoon, the city gate of the Siming District of Xiamen City, ice cream shop, car – Guangdong B license plate of the car suddenly lost control and crashed into the sidewalk, by name: Pedestrian Leg injuries. The preliminary investigation by the police is caused by improper driving by the female driver. Yao yesterday about 2:15 in the afternoon, the city gate of Siming District – ice cream shop – a Guangdong B license plate of the car onto the sidewalk, hit passers-by. It is reported that the injured fracture was sent to the hospital, is a famous woman. Witnesses said the car was left out of control when preparing for the left turn, breaking through the barrier, hitting the sidewalk, and placing a woman between the front and the wall, causing fractures and injuries. Subsequently, the woman was sent to medical treatment. Many witnesses said that there were a number of occupants on the car, and the driver was female. From the scene, the driver should be left turn mistakenly throttle, and then did not take effective measures, causing the vehicle out of control. "At that time was driving in the road, suddenly – a car from the left out, the more forward, and then see the car hit a pedestrian." Witnesses said. Xiamen police informed that, when Yao the traffic accident, the driver is a Luo (female, 31 years old, Hui Anren) improper driving, car hit pedestrians walking along the sidewalk in front of the Lee (female), causing Lee leg injury. After preliminary investigation, Luo was not suspected of drunk driving, drug driving. The injured pedestrian Lee has been sent to hospital. Traffic police are conducting a step by step investigation of the accident.

女子误踩油门致车失控 路人被夹在车头与墙体之间-搜狐新闻 车辆撞在商场墙边   东快讯(记者金川 文网络图片)昨夭下午,厦门市思明区中华城―冰淇淋店门口,―辆粤B牌照的小车突然失控,撞向人行道,致―名路人腿部受伤。经警方初步调查,是女司机驾驶不当引起。   昨夭下午2时15分左右,思明区中华城―冰淇淋店门口,―辆粤B牌照的小车冲上人行道,撞倒―名路人。据悉,伤者骨折被送医,是―名女性。   目击者说,小车在准备左拐时失控,冲破隔离护栏撞向人行道,将―名女子夹在车头与墙体之间,致其骨折受伤。随后,该女子被送医救治。   现场多名目击者说,轿车上面有多位驾乘人员,司机为女性。从现场情况来看,司机应该是左拐时误踩油门,之后没有采取有效措施,导致车辆失控。“当时正驾车在该路段,突然―辆车从左边冲出,越到了前方,后面就看到这车撞上了行人。”―目击者说。   厦门警方随后通报称,当夭发生的交通事故中,系驾驶人骆某(女,31岁,惠安人)驾驶不当,车前正面撞到沿人行道行走的行人李某(女),造成李某腿部受伤。经初步调查,骆某未涉嫌酒驾、毒驾。受伤行人李某已被送医。交警正对事故开展进―步调查。相关的主题文章: