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A single man special offer Apple Computer Network refused shipments that marked the wrong price under the original title: computer network refused shipments special offer sellers claim wrong price Chechan requires buyers Dangdang customer service gives similar solutions in a promotional activities dangdang.com "apple Apple store" at the end of last month, Mr. He to 3548 yuan per unit price the panic buying 7 apple MacBook notebook computer, the other party refused delivery on the grounds of wrong price, both sides stalemate has not been resolved. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter contacted the person in charge of the business, the other said, would like to give a small gift as a compensation, but can not be shipped. Dangdang staff said the investigation after the reply, but as of press time reporter did not receive any response. Lawyers believe that the business is not a single reason to cut, should be shipped in accordance with the contract. Special offer goods businesses grab admit Mr Ho said that in October 31st, he saw in the dangdang.com "apple Apple store" in the apple MacBook special offer promotions that night, "12 inch Laptop Computer 256G sold only 3548 yuan, I just want to buy a". Reporters from Apple’s official website to the query, the configuration of the product is priced at 9888 yuan, the equivalent of the equivalent of a business hit a total of $64% off. "My colleagues know, also let me help rob." So, he was waiting on the computer next to a single spike, eventually he snapped up 7 computers and payment success. I thought he picked up a big cheap, in the purchase of the next day, but received a self proclaimed apple Apple franchise store staff phone, the other told me that the computer is not goods, let me refund". Because he is eager to buy the computer, said he would like to continue to wait. In the face of his insistence, not for a while, the other party called to tell the truth. "They said it was the wrong price of goods, can not be shipped, and insisted that I cancel the order, even if it will not cancel the shipment." For the merchant’s proposal, mr.. Dangdang complaints received orders to withdraw, there is no room for any explanation and discussion, with a single wrong price on the consumer refund." He is dissatisfied with the practice of the business, he called Dangdang customer service reflects the results of the other party to give the same solution and the seller. Dangdang customer service, said the merchant price wrong can not be shipped, a unified solution is to cancel the order, can only help me fight for dozens of dollars as a compensation for shopping vouchers." He refused again, he believes that the promotion of the business is just a cover, the price is not wrong to mark the wrong delivery, Dangdang also has regulatory responsibility. "I believe that Dangdang shopping here, for the third party on the platform of false promotions, Dangdang should safeguard the interests of consumers, rather than favoritism." Currently, the two sides deadlocked, things have not yet been resolved. Not only for small shipments insisted yesterday, reporters in the online inquiry found that there are some friends with Mr. He suffered the same. Subsequently, the reporter saw through his purchase page, the transaction that night, Dangdang system showed orders through the audit, the loan has reached Beijing Dangdang Agel Ecommerce Ltd". Can now click on the commodity link, but found that sales live 7相关的主题文章: