A rocket sale will blow the trumpet, and this summer will be a big reshuffle! ca1806

A rocket sale will blow the trumpet, and this summer will be a big reshuffle! The Rockets are going to reshuffle the sina sports news on the season, the Rockets won the regular season record in the Western Conference in the second injury plagued the case, and has reached the Western Conference finals; last summer, the Rockets had further upgrades to the lineup, not only with the "white" way to provoke all star. Wei, the Nuggets star ty Lawson, also signed with the veteran’s minimum strength of the Titans Marcus thornton. It’s just the rhythm of getting ready to win! However, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. In contrast to the Western Conference finals last season against the Warriors is rapidly sinking Yiqijuechen rocket. The rocket is expected to start the season losing streak, and each had more than 20 lost to rivals! This is like a cold winter basin of water poured from the head to the foot, so that countless Rocket fans pull out the cool cool heart, but also for the Rockets sinking this season foreshadowed. The Rockets in the open season three consecutive defeat after ushered in the four row, just as people think the Rockets have to embark on the track, and a wave of four defeated Rockets fans from the dream as back to reality, so Mchale became the scapegoat, he became head coach of the NBA this season first class. Rockets can’t afford to lose! But at that time, the Rockets had an infinite vision for the season. Beek was the first assistant JB- Gustave game righting, rockets victory, many people began to look forward to the Rockets last season staged Steve Cole led the warriors of the magic soar. Gustave Beek re appointed Beverly, ty Lawson relegated to the bench, the Rockets won the game, but they can win the League second spurs, can often lost to some It is without rhyme or reason. struggling, still did not hit western runner up last season’s momentum. However, the Rockets did not sit still, they are looking forward to this season, Morey re smart welcome back the Western semi-finals last season, the Clippers in the hero’s Josh Smith, and the Rockets only overseas players Marty – Rene’s contract rights, also in return for cash collateral. This has to admire the operation ability of Daryl morey. Josh Smith’s first few games after his return to the Rockets enriched the Rockets’ offensive system, demonstrated his versatile ability, displayed remarkable results, and renewed hope for rockets. But the last three games, Josh Smith received a total of only 3 points, the Rockets losing streak. So, the eve of the deadline at the end of the season, Morey has become one of the most busy people, to discuss the possibility of Dwight – Howard and Lawson – and trading teams, from the many versions of the scandal, but are unable to do so. Despite trying to sell Howard and Lawson as much as possible, the Rockets haven’t completely abandoned their plans for the season. But the deal failed, and clever Daryl Morey thought it was time to think about the future of the rockets. Then, the Rockets deadline sent Jonas and Thornton in Mo Tai Trading, just change back to a protected first round pick. It declared that the Rockets gave up the pursuit of the season and focused on the future. Motiejunas is the best striker genuine rockets).

火箭一笔甩卖吹响重建号角 今夏必将大洗牌! 火箭准备大洗牌了   新浪体育讯  上赛季,火箭在饱受伤病困扰的情况下取得了西部第二的常规赛战绩,而且一举打进了西部决赛;去年夏天,火箭对阵容进行了进一步的升级,不仅用“空手套白狼”的方式招来了全明星级别的控卫、掘金当家球星泰-劳森,还用老将底薪签下了实力悍将马库斯-索顿。这完全是准备夺冠的节奏嘛!   但是,理想很丰满,现实很骨感。与上赛季西部决赛对手勇士的一骑绝尘形成强烈反差的是火箭的迅速沉沦。被寄予厚望的火箭开季三连败,而且每场都输给对手20分以上!这就像严冬一盆冷水从头淋到脚,让无数火箭迷心里拔凉拔凉的,也为火箭本赛季的沉沦埋下了伏笔。   火箭在开季连续三场大败之后迎来了四连胜,正当人们以为火箭已经走上正轨的时候,又一波四连败将火箭球迷从梦境中照回现实,于是,麦克海尔成为替罪羊,他成为NBA本赛季第一个下课的主教练。火箭输不起了!但是,那个时候,火箭上下还对本赛季有着无限的憧憬。   助教JB-比克斯塔夫被扶正的第一场比赛,火箭就取得了胜利,很多人开始憧憬火箭上演上赛季史蒂夫-科尔带领勇士一飞冲天的神奇。比克斯塔夫重新重用贝弗利,泰-劳森沦为替补,火箭也赢得了一些比赛,但是他们能赢下全联盟第二的马刺,也能经常无缘无故的输给一些弱旅,依然没有打出上赛季西部亚军的气势。   但是,火箭并没有坐以待毙,他们对本赛季还有期待,精明的莫雷重新迎回了上赛季西部半决赛的功臣、在快船不得志的约什-史密斯,而且火箭只用了海外球员马蒂-勒内的签约权,附带还换回来一些现金。这不得不令人佩服莫雷的运作能力。约什-史密斯在回归火箭后的前几场比赛,丰富了火箭的进攻体系,展现了自己多面手的能力,表现可圈可点,人们重新燃起了对火箭的希望。   但是最近三场比赛,约什-史密斯一共只得到3分,火箭也遭遇三连败。于是,在本赛季交易截止日前夕,莫雷成为最忙碌的人,与多支球队商讨德怀特-霍华德和泰-劳森交易的可能性,传出了诸多版本的绯闻,但是都未能如愿。   尽管在竭尽所能兜售霍华德和劳森,但是火箭还没有彻底放弃本赛季的打算。但是,交易不成,精明的莫雷想到了是时候该考虑火箭的未来了。于是,火箭在交易截止日送出了莫泰尤纳斯和索顿,只是换回来一个受保护的首轮选秀权。此举宣告火箭放弃了本赛季的追求,着眼未来。   莫泰尤纳斯是目前这支火箭中最好的正牌大前锋,马库斯-索顿是火箭本赛季最好的替补球员,如此即战力仅仅换来一个未来受保护的选秀权,是完全就是推到重建的节奏嘛!本来就已经沦落到西部第九的火箭突然就这么抽掉了两名重要球员,你还能对火箭本赛季的成绩能有多高的期待?或许,他们都有可能被季后赛拒之门外!   不管你相不相信,这就是铁的事实!火箭已经放弃了本赛季!今年夏天,泰-劳森合同到期,德怀特-霍华德几乎铁定要跳出合同,詹姆斯-哈登可能不再是球队基石,火箭彻底推到重建在所难免。   从夺冠热门到重建,火箭只花了几个月的时间,令人唏嘘,作为球迷,你无能为力,只能去适应。   (殷承元)相关的主题文章: