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A good [in] Manchester rental, sister said Sohu at the beginning of travel to Manchester City, with excitement and apprehension mood, many students still immersed in the beautiful scenery of the city, as everyone knows, as well as the rental of this event are awaiting them, because the school dormitory price is relatively expensive, and is not good for the school dormitory so, many students choose to rent off campus, many students are the first time to rent, so we all belong to the house white, today let little sister in Manchester rental for everyone to talk about those things, to give you a warning to rent. About 1 rental area: according to sister and sister beside the person’s experience, the small home sister give you recommend some places for rent: 1. Oxford Road–Wilmslow Road line (the road along the bus, the traffic is very convenient, life is very convenient, many students are living in the area of Fallowfield and Withington two) a regional environment, and high safety factor, the cost of the house is good, the distance from the school also, above several regional China foreignstudents gathered place abroad, see Chinese certainly is still quite warm. 2 vigilance two landlord. She is not to say that all middleman landlord is not good, but there are a lot of part of a middleman landlord is on the money, rely on this money, itself is a problem, we used to have a friend to find a middleman landlord rent a house. The middleman landlord with the landlord appear contradictory, say what also don’t let me live friends, the friends were driven out and alerted the police, the scene is very awkward, so we must be alert to middleman landlord rent. About 3 roommate: many students go to Manchester City because the rent, certainly a lot of people choose flat-share, so it involves looking for a roommate problems, to find appropriate roommate, not what’s okay, but if not find appropriate roommate, halfway contradictions, it would be awkward, so we must take seriously to find this roommate thing. 4: we must determine whether the rent rent rent includes a variety of utilities before, some students did not ask the rent be negligent, careful, do not know what the specific rental package, in addition to the amount of rent, a lot of foreign utilities, after all, this is not a small expenditure, the expenditure is likely affect your finances, so you have to rent a house rent before regards whether the package utilities expenses, if not, then we have to use the savings. In the last little sister to remind you that when renting, to find the best white man, the best age for some, because these older white landlords generally these people are generally due to buy a new house, the old house rental, do not rely on this money (not like some Indian, just toss the house, so more reliable). Rent a house in Manchester City, in general, a landlord to rent a house. Occasionally a friend did not stay in general what problem, but some people will be two people long live a room, Share room, the landlord is general)相关的主题文章: