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A good hand! Industry: light novels vulgar because readers in recent years, when light novels, many fans will reveal a contemptuous disregard expression, that is "buy send" story is full of illustrations of toilet paper "routine". But why is the current light novels are often so style? Recently, the famous cartoonist, veteran Yu Chi Village Officials on twitter are described. Yu Li Zhi Cun @siva_yuri November 8th "someone said to me after seeing the recent so-called outsider through the novel Craze:" I found it was exactly the same routine, the Japanese Light Novel industry is going to die. " He asked me if I think this is a plane through the light novel boom is bad? My answer is: do not feel." People want to see the plot is a certain limit, if you consider the readership, national conditions, age, then the scope of the narrower. Coupled with the business side of the problem, it can be written out of the story may be smaller than the pinhole. Even if there is a work out of this range, there will be no one to see." In this regard, some Japanese netizens commented: indeed, ah, in the final analysis of the work or need to cater to the market." "So is the dead house pot, who called the dead house only like these things." I hope to guide the direction of the dead home industry, which is still to be finished ah." So, how do you think about anime fans? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: