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A face Meng — can turn the rear drive? Is it useful? Sohu automobile believe in 99.99% people in mind, steering this thing is done by the front wheel, this small series have been convinced, until today, someone to small said the rear wheels can turn to, I would like to give him a backhand gas tank at the time! Although I am low IQ, but I am not stupid ah! Anyhow, I also have a driver’s license old driver, even with such low jokes about me! But when I suppress your anger, listen to the experts finished the "joke", I suddenly felt a sense of click into place, filled with wisdom, otherwise, Xiao Bian also tell you about the "joke", by way of a high-end X? People are forced! – rear wheel steering, rear wheel steering can say it is an open secret in the automobile industry already, early in the last century, many models have this let us face Meng force equipment. For example, at the time of the people of the Citroen Beverly, there is a force full of gimmicks. But to say that this is just a gimmick really wronged people, Citroen Beverly rear wheel steering technology called rear wheel steering, this technique is not sound like martial arts master is too profound to be understood, housekeeping? In fact, no! It arranged some rubber cushion between the suspension and body, through the rubber suspension and body flexible connection. Because the rubber has certain elasticity, and in the limit of elasticity and high strength, so when the vehicle is turning, in the lateral force, elastic deformation of rubber cushion to a certain extent, so as to drive the wheels at a certain angle toe angle changes. Although the elastic deformation on the rubber pad caused by such a small steering angle at low speeds and did not seem to be what eggs, but at a high speed, this small steering angle can play a vital role. With a rear wheel assembly with the same direction of the front wheel deflection of a small angle, in an emergency, dodge high speed turning condition increases the steering problems of the vehicle, not easy to roll or tail, greatly improve the vehicle driving stability and steering performance. Is such a small rubber cushion, so seemingly not on how tall the technology in brain hole wide open French hand, became a gimmicky killer. All the PSA this group will also apply for their own patents, so don’t be afraid to family abuse, only by the higher cost of more complex technology. Saying that the French car chassis chassis and excellent skills are not unrelated. In addition to PSA Beverly, Senna, Picasso, C2, Peugeot 206 models with a rear wheel steering technology, the generation of the classic SAAB has used this technology, after the suspension of the shaft connecting rod and ball joint using heel SAAB Saab ReAxs passive rear wheel steering, can better control the movement of the wheels. Therefore, in turn load, elastic motion characteristics of rear axle will cause two rear wheel deflection is small in the opposite direction with the steering input, the outer wheel inclination in the rear camber, a small but very important about a 1% degree deflection)相关的主题文章: