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A check or pay a fine man impostor addict morning news (jade Zhiyuan Peninsula morning, Haili chief reporter Wang Lin) the morning of October 9th, the Jinzhou Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade command center received the alarm, the Kang said: the driver’s license and ID card and bank card is lost in October 4th when the business of the bank, but when the driver’s license go through the discovery of the driver’s license in October 8th 9 points deducted illegal records without treatment. Kang suspected his driver’s license was fraudulent, request the police to assist in the investigation. After receiving the alarm, the illegal vehicle information, traffic brigade immediately check with Mr. Jiang driving license, the vehicle lock, quickly contact the owners to inform the suspect, impersonation identity suspects to Jinzhou Traffic Police Brigade investigation. 14 pm the same day, the suspect danmou brigade into the traffic branch office for questioning, the face of the traffic police, danmou readily admitted its fraudulent parties Kang’s identity information, and put the documents out of Kang, account of the traffic offense points after the driver’s license, identity card. Police inspection found that Jiang’s photos with the eyes of the stone is indeed somewhat similar. After the video playback display, October 9th, Shimou holding a child and two women went to the hall before the window, while the window is crowded, the muddle point penalty. After further inquiries, stone due to long-term drug use, before the driver’s license has been canceled. Jinzhou Public Security Bureau police station long immediately involved in the investigation, the field test showed that danmou drugs, danmou for identity theft and drug abuse by the police again, with 20 days of administrative detention, treatment of compulsory detoxification.相关的主题文章: