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Shanxi is a big wave of personnel – Sohu Beijing news struck Taiyuan in August 25,   even the day (Ren Lina), a big wave struck Shanxi personnel appointment, official selection in this wave of official in Shanxi to promote cadres "up and down", optimize the political ecology. August 21st to 24, Shanxi Province, belongs to the jurisdiction of Jinzhong, Yuncheng, Jincheng, Yangquan, Datong, Lvliang, Xinzhou 7 cities, counties have held the meeting of leading cadres or personnel, selected more than new "county (city, district) committee secretary, county (city, district) long" other leading cadres. Jinzhong City, county (city) to nominate 6 candidates; Yuncheng Hejin, Linyi, Jishan, Pinglu 4 counties (city) elected county (city) Committee; Jincheng 8 people elected leading cadres of Yangcheng County, city, county; Yangquan 3 people were elected Pingding County Party Secretary, deputy secretary of Datong dismissed deputy; the mayor appointed 3 people, 1 people; Lvliang 2 officials were elected, Liulin County Party Secretary Jiaocheng; Wuzhai, Xinzhou, Taiwan five, Shen Chi, Pianguan Fanshi, Yuanping 6 counties (city) county (city) committee secretary elect. The concern is that the 6 Jinzhong County municipal Party committee to determine the nomination (city) candidates, each signed term development target responsibility: unfinished responsibility first year, accept warning interviews; second years with no progress, take admonishing conversation and informed criticism; third years still did not improve, the receiving organization adjustment. The organizational adjustment is the class". It is not difficult to see, so the official selection for Shanxi officer, means for mediocre officers, idle officer, peace officer, a bad day, because they may face "laid-off" fate. Shanxi provincial Party Committee Organization Department official told the media that "we must have a higher, more stringent and more urgent requirements in terms of cadres." In addition, the official selection rules in Shanxi, the local economic development is an important indicator for the assessment and selection of officials. This is not unrelated to the current situation of the development of Shanxi. As coal and other energy raw material prices continued to fall, Shanxi, as the province’s largest export of energy, the most difficult period of economic development". The new secretary of the Shanxi provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining less than 3 months after taking office repeatedly stressed that Shanxi should pay close attention to the political and economic, the key to do both hands hard". At the end of July, Luo Huining in Shanxi with 47 new county Party Secretary of the collective conversation they must first pay close attention to the development of. The new Pingyao county magistrate Shi Yong, made the term "military order" is to "consolidate the Pingyao County 5A level scenic spots to create results, tourism revenue reached 19 billion 300 million yuan." This data is 2 times the total income of tourism in Pingyao in 2015. Nomination of Xiyang county magistrate Xu Liwei received the task card, even he himself said, has done a peeling off meat ready.相关的主题文章: