9Women in Shanghai on the bus to read English loudly to discourage others did not say the quality of |Women in Shanghai on the bus to read English loudly to discourage others did not say the quality of

Women in Shanghai bus read aloud English be discouraged that others are not quality – Sohu News recently, a suspected video shot in Shanghai bus fire in the network: a female passenger in the crowded car read English loudly, the surrounding passengers advised her in a low voice, female is righteous, refute others, said he was losing no time to learn, the other passengers to dissuade her is immoral, not the quality. April 7th, surging news reporter learned from the bus company in Shanghai, Shanghai existing bus management regulations and did not mention the ability to read in the car. But the video is still on the network caused widespread controversy, many users believe that whether it is talking or reading, the voice of the majority of the impact on others. Some friends broke the news, the video in the case occurred in the morning of April 6th 8:30 or so. Shanghai bus 746, a short haired woman holding a "Advanced English Interpretation Course" read aloud. One of the passengers in the blame a few after reading the woman responded: "you know, English is to speak loudly." "Well, you can take the next bus."!" At this point, another passenger seemed to listen to not go down, accused the woman: "a person who does not understand the shame, alive to do what?" The woman is not a sign of weakness: "what you live, you die! I study also not good, I usually have to go to work, have no time to study, right?" At this point the car with a female passenger began to the discouraged, trying to defuse the tension: "understanding, the spirit of learning is very good, you are a little light a little bit, everybody is very tired, and perhaps others at home with a child is very hard, car to rest." "We work overtime is very hard, the elderly in case of heart is not good or have high blood pressure." For the surrounding passengers to discourage and accusations, the woman seemed a bit impatient, and constantly hit back, you do not talk nonsense, you do not talk to me!" "You are too immoral, you do not progress, you do not want others to progress!" "I have no one to say me on the subway, I told you, you are selfish!" In the end, the woman said, "I want to learn, and you do not have the quality of the people said!" A video was released to the Internet, netizens said that the woman has been a continuous good days in the bus read aloud the. Some passengers feel that her behavior affects others and to discourage, but she said she was very busy working, only to use the bus or subway ride to read english. The exam is approaching, she is doing the final sprint. Reading English aloud in the car is not a loud noise. Shanghai bus management regulations have no relevant regulations prohibited? A Shanghai bus enterprise management personnel of surging news reporter said that existing in the relevant provisions did not relate to whether can be read aloud in the bus, but he personally believe that either talk or reading, in public voice, give a person caused the hubbub of the feeling, passengers should pay attention do not affect the others.