9Why network events will be fermented into a regional war of words|Why network events will be fermented into a regional war of words

Why network events will fermented into territorial spat Harbin price fish someone’s fish shop caolin often on the network mix are probably familiar with a propagation rule is a lot of hot events on the network will be fermented into regional saliva battle, even if news events start looks and no geographical relationship, racing to racing users comments cover the slanting floor and detonated a strong regional rivalry. For example, the recent urban women fled the countryside, led to the dispute between Shanghai and Jiangxi people’s saliva, the local media to add to allow more concentrated powder. Harbin high price of fish dispute, this is the conflict between merchants and consumers, but also evolved a topic of regional disputes, there are users feel that this is a stranger in the "black" Harbin. When the Sanya rip off event, the event in Qingdao raise a Babel of criticism of prawns, are mixed with regional slobber battle. Evolved into a regional war of words, first with the media reports of the label has no intention to stimulate a certain relationship. Media reports an event, the general will be in the title of the basic elements of the news – such as the news will emphasize the identity and age of the parties, the location of the incident, the news property of the event, and so on. For example, in order to describe and remember the convenience, will use the "Harbin high price of fish dispute" label. There is nothing wrong with the media, which is the requirement of the news report and the law of communication. In a healthy and rational society. The label didn’t matter, but in a regional development exist great differences, the gap between rich and poor accumulation of enormous contradictions, regional suffer emotional trigger context, news headlines in normal, had no intention of offending who "neutral standard sign", often have a strong stimulating effect, is not news keywords, nor with discrimination, only as elements of news in the presence of regional symbols, but was taken strong regional suffer emotional users as a deliberate affront. Emotion will quickly shift from the key news to the regional symbol, and it will become a war of words. A man with a hammer in his hand looks like a nail, a man with an imaginary attack will see any emphasis on geography as a discrimination and an attack. This will form a vicious circle, some media speculation and the author knows geographical symbol will lead to controversy and tear, controversial only click through rate, in order to become hot topic, marketing and speculators will deliberately exaggerate the regional symbol, provoke a territorial dispute, resulting in the interests of the eye ball. Another important reason is that, in the online, most users can arouse the identity of the identity of the tag is no doubt. As friends, we have a lot of identity, in order to distinguish career, journalists, teachers, doctors; on a gender, male female netizen netizen; differentiated according to age, young friends, middle-aged friends; in various online identity system system system is divided, regional recognition with is undoubtedly the most strong identity, Beijing netizen, Shanghai users, Shandong net friend, these based on regional symbol of identity, occupation, industry, system, age, such as identity based on more intensely than, which is produced by the imagination of community ownership and sense of intimacy, on the network condensed into a strong common interest sense. I used to comment on the strength of identity in an article on the Internet, of course, the first 4