9Upward Expansions And Renovations With Prefabricated Metal Buildings|Upward Expansions And Renovations With Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Home-Improvement Like it or not, today many of our cities and towns are running out of room to build out, so instead we have to start building up. Unfortunately, building additional stories atop an existing building is a little trickier than building an adjoining structure to the end of a building. And as we know to well, in construction, trickier usually means more expensive. Usually, it’s just easier to knock a building down and start from scratch, but sometimes the historical significance of a structure or some pesky building regulation prevents this from being an option. This is when pre-fabricated metal buildings come into play. Metal buildings are ideal for expansions because their panels can be designed to match almost any type of pre-existing structure and material. The ease of construction of pre-fabricated buildings can help cut the additional costs expanding atop a pre-existing building. One of the biggest challenges of building on top of an existing structure is the lack of available support in foundation for the additional load of more floors. Typically, a foundation is not laid to support more than the original structure that was built so the foundation will need to be reinforced. Either the existing foundation be excavated and widened and/or deepened, or footings made of concrete or steel can be pile driven into the ground. Usually, the building design and its surrounding determines which of these two options to go with, but either way the steel framing of pre-fab metal buildings makes it easier to carry out each of these methods. If using footing this means that fewer footings will need to be put in place because they can be spread further apart. If you are reinforcing a concrete foundation that is currently in place this means that fewer foundation will need to be widened or deepened; however, because each will be carrying a larger part of the total additional load more concrete will need to be added to each. Once the foundation in reinforced the building can begin to be erected. The wonderful thing about pre-fabricated metal building is that they are remarkably simple to construct. Just a few bolts and rivets connect the frame, then the panels are added and finally the trims and accessories can be added. Expediting the expansion of a building is incredibly easy with metal buildings because all of the components of a pre-fab come pre-engineered, pre-punched, pre-painted, and can be purchased with pre-welded fasteners. Based on cost of materials, a pre-fabricated metal building probably won’t be the cheapest way to expand your building. But all in all they are the smartest investment. A pre-fab can go up faster and easier, reducing construction costs and cutting down the time that the preexisting building is out of commission. The sooner construction is finished the sooner you can get back to earning money through the rental of your building, or at least the sooner you can stop spending money on an temporary place or residence or work. And in the long run prefabricated metal buildings are more cost effective than most other building materials because they are more durable, easier to maintain and incredibly energy efficient. About the Author: