9The Rockets will be quite Smith return to coach he is the best helper Magic – Sohu Sports|The Rockets will be quite Smith return to coach he is the best helper Magic – Sohu Sports

Rocket all quite Smith regression Coach: he is magic board best helper – Sohu Sports Beijing time on January 23, according to the Houston Chronicle reports, in an interview, rocket interim coach JB Bickerstaff said Josh Smith is very suitable for partner harden and Howard, and John Terry player in the opinion, Smith regression can help to the rocket. After the Rockets general manager Daryl Morey announced that the rocket and the Clippers to complete a transaction, including the return of Smith rockets. Smith had last season with the Rockets in the offseason, and last year joined the clippers. It is worth mentioning that Smith is the Rockets last season broke into the Western Conference finals of the key players. For the return of Smith, the Beek Gustave expression. "We’re all very fond of Smith, his technique is very comprehensive, and a high basketball IQ, he was able to understand the other team’s tactics, in which he could help us," Bernie Bickerstaff said, "he is very familiar with how to Howard and harden and play with a pick and roll. In fact, for everyone in the team, he will be very suitable. Chemical reactions are a very important part of. We have high expectations for him." Last season, the effectiveness of the Rockets, Smith field have played 25.5 minutes, can send 12 points and 6 rebounds and 2.6 assists. In Terry view, Smith’s return, to help the rockets. "This is good news," Terry admits. "We can make it last season. He’s a very important part of it. On both offense and defense. He can protect the basket, can defend multiple locations, when we dozen small lineup, he for us is particularly important. " Obviously this season so far, Smith did not play the ideal state. The return to the Rockets, for Smith and the Rockets, perhaps a good situation. "That should be good," said Jones. "We have a lot of chemical reactions. I remember how many times I hit number five, he hit number four, at that time we played very fast, good results." (Fu Yun)