9The cigarette case not printed warning, so afraid of what|The cigarette case not printed warning, so afraid of what

Cigarette is not printed warning map, what if what in some countries legislation on cigarette printed rotten lungs, rotten mouth, skull and flavors warning icon, the state tobacco monopoly bureau expresses about the personage, on cigarette printed warning icon does not conform to the traditional Chinese culture, and there is no increase the icon of the plan. To "not in line with the traditional Chinese culture" on the grounds of against "flavors" warning icons printed on cigarette packs, and not Tobacco Management Department of a new rhetoric. As early as in 2008, "the Framework Convention on tobacco control," the conference of the parties, the Chinese delegation had representatives said: "this involves cultural and national feelings". This is referred to as "prefer beautiful cigarette case, not the health of the citizens, once caused controversy. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; though not fresh, take this "culture" of recrimination smoke rhetoric still apparent lack of convincing. Not only is very far fetched, it is inconceivable: & nbsp; cigarette warning icon, and pull "Chinese traditional culture" what relationship? The "hardcore" printed on the box where the warning icon does not conform to Chinese cultural tradition? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; it is well known that tobacco products are not the country of origin, there is not China’s traditional culture of the Central Plains have, but later to the Ming and Qing Dynasties introduced to China’s import. Then through the warning icon to strictly control the harm of exotic, how may not meet the China cultural tradition? What’s more, we do not actually have any support for the cultural heritage of tobacco products and smoking habits, but there is no lack of opposition to its cultural traditions. For example, we quit extravagance is thrifty, frugal and Germany to support the traditional culture, absolutely impossible to support this tobacco luxury consumer goods; and we emphasize self-cultivation, the cultural tradition of "body, by the parents, afraid to damage", not support such as smoking obviously harmful to health, which belongs to the "suicide" of bad habits. Under this background, the cigarette warning icon and the cultural tradition of China tied together, take Chinese traditional culture for tobacco platform, people can not help but ask, this practice what is in promoting or shame to traditional Chinese culture? This so sincere before tobacco control experts pointed out that the, "if the health warnings on cigarette packets contrary to our national culture and traditions, the cultures in our culture and Hong Kong and Taiwan have what is the difference?" Since the printed warning icon in the cigarette case, not in line with Chinese cultural tradition, so it does not comply with "what? The truth behind the answer is clearly not a bit mysterious, but still it does not meet the huge government tax benefits related to tobacco consumption. Such as data show that, despite a slight reduction in China’s tobacco sales in 2015, down 2.36%, but the corresponding tobacco tax and financial contributions, but still rapid growth. If the tobacco industry in 2015 turned over to the total fiscal 10950 yuan, an increase of 20.2%. While the national general public budget revenue of 152217 yuan, with the growth of only 5.8% caliber. This means that in 2015 the tobacco industry for the financial contribution of the increase.