9Taiwan’s new legislature increased to 43 women seats|Taiwan’s new legislature increased to 43 women seats

Sets a new session of the legislature women increased to 43 seats original title: sets a new session of the legislature women increased to 43 seats "legislators" more young in January 30, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported, Taiwan the 9th "legislators" elect a three new records of women legislators added five seats, with an average age of 52 years from for 50 years, Shinco "legislators" from 49 seats increased to 54 seats, was born in Taipei City "lawmaker" increased most, from 15 to 21. According to statistics, the 9th ST "legislators" elect, male 70 seats, female 43 seats, than previous women 38 seats, male 75 seats, Xinke "legislators" proportion of males decreased, women have increased five seats. The average age of the part, according to the statistics, Shinco "legislators" an average of 50 years old, a session of the 52 year old 2 years younger than. Among them, to 50 years old to 54 years old increased the highest proportion, the previous 13 seats, a new session increased to 27 seats, increased by 1 times; 40 to 44 years old, also from the 16 seats increased to 24 seats. The 29 year old to from 0 increased by 1. Not the incumbent "legislators" but challenges the legislative election success of non incumbent "legislators" part. The results showed that before a session of the 49 seats, the new session with 54 seats, increased 5 seats. Academic degree, doctoral education from 27 seats to 20 seats, master increased from 55 seats to 58 seats. "Born to elect legislators" statistics, was born in the city of Taipei legislators from 15 people to 21 people. Editor: Ni Zijian