9Shaanxi Provincial High Court last year, the 74 defendants acquitted – Sohu news|Shaanxi Provincial High Court last year, the 74 defendants acquitted – Sohu news

Shaanxi Provincial High Court: last year 74 defendants proclaims innocence – Sohu News Chinese daily news (reporter Ren Jiao) yesterday afternoon, the fourth session of the second session of the National People’s Congress, held the second plenary session. Yan Qingwen, President of the high court work report to the general assembly. In 2015 the province’s court annual income 425 thousand and 900, closed 394 thousand and 600, up 44.53% and 50.78% respectively. In more than 130 thousand cases, line judge overtime, closed 72 per capita, growth of 40%. In 2015 the province’s Court concluded 23 thousand and 300 criminal cases of first instance, increased by 16.37%, 28 thousand and 600 criminals were sentenced, up 2.49%. Severely endanger national security and public safety, crime, and concluded 6023 cases of terrorist violence, evil forces, involving the use of guns explosives, crime of heresy and poison, arson, dangerous driving etc.. Severely endanger life and property safety of citizens crime, and concluded murder, kidnapping, rape, robbery and theft, trafficking in women and children and the production and sale of poisonous and harmful food and drug cases 6781, concluded fund-raising fraud, telecommunications fraud, illegal absorbing public deposits and cases 472 cases. "Pornography" to punish crime, drug trafficking, gambling, and concluded 2023 cases of prostitution. Punish crimes, and concluded the corruption and bribery, dereliction of duty and infringement cases 794 1284, respectively, an increase of 17.8% and 32.23%, of whom more than 12 county-level, Guizhou provincial Party Committee Standing Committee of the original, Zunyi municipal Liao Shaohua, former Secretary of a group of corrupt punished. Implement the principle of a legally prescribed punishment for a specified crime and principle of presumption of innocence, according to the law of 74 defendants acquitted, 318 juvenile defendant sentenced to imprisonment; strict commutation and parole cases handling procedures, order of commutation or parole 1.56 million people, guarantee the fairness of punishment. Actively participate in the "pollution reducing haze in defending the blue sky", concluded 354 cases of various types of environmental resources. Administrative cases of 6271, more than doubled over the previous year. To strengthen the judicial review, concluded the first instance administrative cases 4627, rose 133%. Announced the implementation of the "black list" of 19 thousand and 100 people, take the credit disciplinary measures such as restrictions on high consumption 15 thousand and 400 times, a fine, detention 3544 people, prompting 1562 people to automatically fulfill their obligations.