9Russian Foreign Minister U.S. Secretary of state visit Syria next week will be the core issue of Bei|Russian Foreign Minister U.S. Secretary of state visit Syria next week will be the core issue of Bei

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei: the U.S. Treasury Secretary’s visit to Russia next week, Syria is the core issue in the new China News Agency, Moscow, March 16 (reporter Wang Xiujun) local time 16, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed, U.S. Secretary of State Warren will be in next week’s visit to Russia, during which the two sides will continue to Syria and other issues are discussed. Lavrov in Moscow to the outside world, said the Russia and the United States has Kerry’s visit to Russia next week to reach an agreement, then Syria will be one of the core issues. Lavrov said that Russia also wants to talk about other aspects of the Middle East and North Africa in the meeting". Because the current Islamic state terrorist organizations in more and more countries to take root". Russian presidential press secretary Per Skov revealed that Russia is studying the possibility of a meeting between President Putin and Kerrey. 2015, Kerrey had two visits to Russia, bilateral relations, as well as Syria, Ukraine and other issues to discuss. Next week, Kerry will be carried out for the first time this year, Russia, in Syria basic realization of ceasefire, Russia to start from the Syrian withdrawal under the background of Russian and U.S. foreign ministers met for the first time, caused great concern to the outside world. Other news, according to the official website of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian day under the initiative of the United States, Lavrov with Kerry call to discuss strengthening bilateral coordination in Syria, to consolidate the ceasefire in Syria, expand humanitarian corridors and promote the Syrian crisis of political solution. The foreign ministers of the two countries also discussed the issue of Yemen’s conflict and bilateral relations. (end)