9Over 60 years old population over the first 30% – Society – People’s network|Over 60 years old population over the first 30% – Society – People’s network

Population over 60 years old over the first three – Society – People’s daily newspaper Shanghai March 30 (Xinhua) & nbsp; & nbsp; (reporter Ling Juan Cao) Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Shanghai Office on aging, the Shanghai Municipal Statistics Bureau today jointly announced: 2015 the population aged 60 and over in Shanghai has reached 435.95, the proportion of the total population for the first time exceeded 30%. The aging population continues to increase rapidly, and the aging degree is further improved. It is predicted that the next period of time, Shanghai into the elderly population of more than 80% of the only child parents. With the only child parents become the main body of the elderly, "pure old family" phenomenon has become more and more obvious. In addition, the characteristics of Shanghai longevity city is further highlighted. In 2015, the life expectancy of the population of Shanghai was 82.75 years old, of which 80.47 were male and 85.09 were female. According to the Shanghai aging research center predicts that by 2018, the total population of 60 years old and older population in Shanghai will exceed 5 million; in 2020 the total number will be more than 5 million 400 thousand people, and the scale will continue to expand over time. It is understood that the city’s current pension institutions in Shanghai a total of 699, a total of 126 thousand beds, of which 11 thousand new in 2015. "People’s Daily" (2016 03, 06, 31 Edition)