9Net friend to the Henan provincial Party Secretary, governor of the 19 message was the official repl|Net friend to the Henan provincial Party Secretary, governor of the 19 message was the official repl

Users 19 message for Henan provincial Party Secretary and governor received official reply, local leaders – People’s network people Beijing April 13 (reporter Gao Yu Yang) recently, Henan Province for users to 19 provincial Party Secretary and governor message reply, message to ascend as follows: [netizens message] Huiji is north central board of education, family member courtyard road dug into the soil around poles, to wire rod broken, a week has passed has not who. Answer: Hello, friends, the road has been paved road, the near future will continue to do a good job in the construction of the relevant supporting facilities. For the inconvenience caused to you, please forgive me. [Internet message] Secretary: Hello, I am in Xinmi City, Zhuang Xiang Yuan, Longquan Temple Village, in our village, day and night, the truck will continue to pollution is serious, the trucks are from Yingyang quarry pull stones of car and road can be said everywhere scattered stones, should for this reason fell injured several people, repeatedly to the village, the village anti central to now have not been resolved, hope the Secretary can help us to solve the problem, don’t let those of us ordinary people living in an unsafe environment, help us. Reply: Hello friends, after investigation, the Yuan Zhuang Xiang Long Quan Si Cun most vehicles do not overload and tarpaulin cover, at Y012 Xiang Guo Zhuang and Longquan Temple village near are respectively provided with limit wide facilities, but is not its due role. Xinmi City Transportation Bureau in accordance with the principles of Guan Xiang Dao Xiang, according to the rural areas of Henan Province Highway regulations, "the relevant provisions of sent a letter to Yuan Township Government, it is proposed that the necessary in intersection set high limit, limit wide facilities and deceleration zone. Delivery Bureau law enforcement unit will also joint police and other departments to increase the intensity of governance to the area of illegal vehicles, to protect the road safely and smoothly and the masses of the people’s life and property safety. [the netizen leaves a message I am Xuchang Yanling County, I and July 2015 in Zhongmou County Yan Ming Hu Zhen, and a site contractors industry and trade. Last year, wages did not give us the end, saying that this year went to the. This year has not given us the calculation, said to let us work, finished in to us. Now living workers do not give us a salary, there is that the developer did not give him money. I hope that the leadership to help us solve the next, we are out of the work of migrant workers. Thank you。 Answer: Hello, friends, as you know, because you do not sign the contract with the contractor in the project increased, resulting in the project is completed, the two sides have differences in the amount of the project as well as the payment method. In view of this situation, Yanming town government staff to both sides to coordinate, at present the contractor has according to the two sides of the oral agreement for payment. [Internet message] I in Zhengzhou, air port has been working for more than four years, witnessed the tremendous changes in the air port, but also found a lot of unusual, such as Zheng Hong street, on both sides of the green and just do a good job in two or three years, has recently been re scraped up the tree, leveled lawn, ask the workers, workers said again planning, the tree moved elsewhere, then somewhere else move to come over, of the original green plants managed to survive, but also scrapped, and Zheng Hong Street on both sides of the road to dig, finally we easy to so good environment, but now face;