9Li Keqiang financial supervision to selves otherwise take you are asked the Sohu news|Li Keqiang financial supervision to selves otherwise take you are asked the Sohu news

Li Keqiang: financial supervision to selves or take your is Q – Sohu News People Beijing March 16 (Lihaixia) 16 morning, Premier Li Keqiang, the Golden Hall on the third floor of the Great Hall of the people in the meeting of the fourth meeting of the second session of the National People’s Congress and foreign reporters to interview, and answered questions from reporters. Questions from reporters, China’s financial market is currently facing what are the main problems and challenges and the Chinese government for the future development of the financial markets and strengthen supervision have any plans, Li responded last year due to multiple factors, Chinese stock market occurred abnormal fluctuations, the adopted comprehensive stable market initiatives, actually is to prevent the occurrence of systemic financial risk. This is done. Li Keqiang said, whether it is the stock market, bond market, foreign exchange market, the essence of the market, or to promote the market, the rule of law reform. Of course, the government has regulatory responsibility, look now, with the change of the situation and need to reform and improve the our financial supervision system, to achieve full coverage, because now a lot of innovative financial products, can not leave the regulatory gaps; to strengthen coordination, because financial markets between relational degree is relatively high, coordination is to have the authority, but also to do power consistent with responsibility. Relevant departments of the central government and local to stratified charge, found the problem should be promptly disposed of, to prevent the spread of the signs of the problem, of course, can not tolerate the risk of moral hazard. In a word, or a pair of big eyes, strengthen the supervision of the "piercing eye exercises". Li stressed that the improvement and the reform of the financial regulatory system is a process, the relevant departments and local governments still have to perform their duties in accordance with the functions of selves, can not have any slack, but would also like to sum up the experience and lessons, this is the protection of financial consumer legal rights and interests of investors, otherwise will take you asked. Page (source: People’s Network – financial channel)