9Li Gui restaurant living beauty group net week and so on brand experience cottage – Sohu news|Li Gui restaurant living beauty group net week and so on brand experience cottage – Sohu news

"Plum ghost" restaurant living beauty group net week coot brands suffered cottage – Sohu News recently, the well-known Jiangzhe brand "green tea" have launched the first network platform anti-counterfeiting actions will sue beauty group net and the 22 fake "green tea" restaurant on the court, to trademark infringement and when competition grounds claims 267 million yuan. This paper brings out the rights of pleadings, the catering industry of fake shop infringement confusion network. Beijing News reporter survey found that well-known restaurant chain brands in the United States and other network platform is not a case of food and beverage network. Among them, the well-known chain brand "week coot" in the Beijing area only 80 authentic shop, but online in the United States Mission emitted 312 stores. Cottage industry chain fraud costs low, but the income is very high. These "Li Gui" in fiction after an address, they can open the business through the platform audit, some fake stores in less than two years time will be in the U.S. group sold 5 million yuan online sales. Tide cottage intensified behind is the third party platform sit extraction ranging from 3 to 15 percent service charge, deregulation of merchants settled in the audit. Chinese people’s University Law School Professor Liu Junhai pointed out that platform for businesses to conduct pre audit, supervision, for due entirely to audit responsibility and obligation caused by infringement, "party platform must bear joint and several liability." Tort 1 "green tea" v. United States regiment for the first accused of infringement on March 28, green tea Catering Management Co., Ltd. Hangzhou to trademark infringement and unfair competition on the grounds, a paper petition will Guangzhou, Hefei, Nanning, Guizhou and other places of 22 "Shanzhai" tea restaurant, and the third party network flat and beautiful round net sues to the court. Among them, the United States and the United States group network and its operators behind the three Beijing Technology Co., Ltd., was listed as the first defendant in the case. Green tea company called for the other side to immediately stop violations of green tea restaurant GreenTea registered trademark exclusive right to act, and compensation for the loss of a total of 26 million 700 thousand yuan, the case has been Haidian District Beijing people’s court accepted. "Green tea stores in the country only 59, but the cottage restaurant but there are no less 30." Green tea company secretaries in Raider told the Beijing News reporter, "green tea" no to any join, but these shops but to "Hangzhou green tea" trademark or name, in Beijing, Anhui, Guangdong and other places to shop aggressively and in beauty group net platform provide catering service for buy, "like Guangzhou 3 stores, completely imitate Hangzhou green tea style of decoration, furniture styles, menu colors, even employee dress is copy." Beijing News reporter in China Trademark inquiry found that, since 2013, green tea company has successfully registered the "green tea green tea" series of special art font logo, approved the use of project for the 43rd kind, including homes, cafes and restaurants, November 13, valid until 2023. Raider of the Beijing News reporter said that with the rise of online ordering platform, and this kind of pretend to be using green tea trademark restaurant intensified, and transaction volume great. Green tea company to provide information to reporters show that since the beginning of 2014 to November 2015, alleged infringement of Guangzhou green tea Catering Management Co., Ltd.