9Jiangxi tourism out of the most serious ticket 39 hotels were canceled star – Sohu news|Jiangxi tourism out of the most serious ticket 39 hotels were canceled star – Sohu news

The tourism industry in Jiangxi Province issued the most stringent "ticket" 39 Hotel cancelled star – Sohu News Xinhua Nanchang January 16 special telegram (reporter Cheng DI) reporter learned from the Jiangxi Province tourism hotel star rating committee, Jiangxi Province ruidu Hotel 39 Hotel Star qualification was canceled, including seven four-star hotel. Industry sources, this is the Jiangxi tourism industry in recent years out of the most serious ticket. Jiangxi provincial tourism star hotel assessment committee responsible person said, there are 7 substandard or in violation of the relevant provisions of the star rated hotels were asked to order rectification. The number of hotels accounted for more than 10% of the total number of star hotels in Jiangxi. The number of high star ratio of the year for the most of the year, called the most serious ticket. In recent years, Jiangxi Province increase the supervision of tourism enterprises, the daily visits to carry out inspections and annual check and review work. Tourism management department in 2015, a total of 427 inspectors were dispatched to check the 194 Turist Hotel. In view of the Turist Hotel in the quality price does not match, do not keep promises, security risks, outdated facilities, poor service and other issues, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to deal with.