9In order to prevent the protests, a mayor of Mendoza, Argentina province ordered the closure of the |In order to prevent the protests, a mayor of Mendoza, Argentina province ordered the closure of the

In order to prevent protests, Mendoza, Argentina, the mayor ordered the closure of the municipal government & nbsp & nbsp; & nbsp; – International – People’s Network & nbsp; people’s network in Buenos Aires, January 13 (Chen Tong) province of Mendoza Argentina Santa Rosa city mayor Salgado 13 ordered closed municipal government office space, waiting for the notice until the corresponding safety measures after the office. The reason is that the staff protest led to the government can not work. Salgado said to take this measure because the city government economic constraints, defaults employee three months salary to employee protest, recently, these employees surrounded by the city government, in the surrounding buildings piled with garbage and set fire to tires, also occupied a lot of government office. At the same time, the city’s public service. The mayor of the Justice Party had asked Secretary of labor and the chief of police intervention protest, refused ordered the city government office is closed, the closure of all types of government procedures. It was revealed that Salgado did not go to the city government from a month ago, which led to more concerns and uncertainties. Some people accused the mayor of embezzlement, the city council has conducted a survey. According to the Argentina new world weekly reported that 12, the City Council held a special meeting and set up a committee to investigate alleged violations of the mayor. Salgado from the beginning of last year, the third term, Mendoza province government said that the disbursement of budget and revenue sharing funds have been allocated to the city. Local media reports said, in a tax fund, the provincial government to late January will be sent, but only more than 400 million pesos, enough to make up for the pay of all employees, not to mention the repayment of other debt owed by the city government the. (end)