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newspaper (reporter Wu Zhiming) five grade elementary school after the summer vacation will go to the UK to study. But this summer, he will fill the course can be and not in English, but mother and go in 2014, China Merchants Bank "golden sunflower" parent-child financial growth camp.

Le’s mother is an expert on children’s education. From 2013 onwards will focus on China Merchants Bank "golden sunflower" parent-child financial growth camp, for the education curriculum choice cautious, a small music mother did not start making small music in, but their first to feel and experience.

"curriculum is easy and lively, in accordance with the child’s cognitive laws, which makes me very surprised." Little happy mother said. Just at the beginning of the year in accompany small music to Britain to pick a school, the little Mother consciousness to, "because alone in foreign boarding school, children financial independence may be ahead of the arrival of the good training about his financial knowledge and financial business philosophy of the."

< p > lucky, 2014 China Merchants Bank Financial Growth Camp of advanced course just and abroad about financial. "I hope small music the entry-level courses and advanced courses learn together the" small music mother said happily.

< p > it is understood, since July 1, 2014, China Merchants Bank’s annual "golden sunflower" parent-child financial growth camp activities will be in the branches throughout the country once again to prise.

< p > in 2014 "golden sunflower" financial business class, the teachers will take the children together by "feet traveled all over the world," of course, in the course of the game experience and understanding of the overseas financial knowledge, in the children heart under international financial field seedlings. And "little Daren consumption", will be another popular parents advanced courses, classroom a variety of promotional and discount consumer game, through them, the children will quickly grow wise consumers rational.

< p > in addition to a series of different ages, different learning needs and different activities involved in the degree of children with courses, this year’s "golden sunflower" parent-child growth camp will also in the form of the game to the abstract concept of "asset allocation" interpretation of the lively and interesting, let the children feel "do not put your eggs in one basket" of financial wisdom.

< p > 2014 China Merchants Bank "golden sunflower" parent-child financial growth camp is also dedicated to the parents launched a "from the pocket money began to cultivate the child intelligence", "International GPS and other more accurate course content, let parents and their children in financial education on the road together diligently.

< p > July 1 this year, 2014 the Xiamen Branch of the "golden sunflower" parent-child Financial Growth Camp soon fiery camp, where the China Merchants Bank Golden Sunflower "customers can join second grade of the primary school to junior middle school aged children in the China Merchants Bank branch for consultation and to enroll in, we expect there will be more parents and children in the" golden sunflower "Financial Growth Camp learn together in the growth of wealth of mystery.