9Features Of Modern Business Phones That Can Improve Your Communications Systems|Features Of Modern Business Phones That Can Improve Your Communications Systems

Business When cellular networks were first introduced, the ability to take calls from a mobile phone transformed the business world as people could be reached anytime and from any location. Now, with the development of new communications technologies and VoIP internet phone networks, the divide between traditional landline communications, cellular networks and internet lines is becoming increasingly blurred, with devices now having the capability to switch from one network to the other. Traditional business phone networks operate much like the phone network whereby each phone is located by an individual number or extension number that can be dialled directly or re-directed via a switchboard. Modern switchboards can be linked through a PC and used to re-direct calls and arrange conference calls with external contacts. Since broadband services have improved rapidly in the last few years more and more businesses are choosing to switch from their regular phone network to a VoIP internet line provider. This means that many businesses now benefit from low-cost or free international phone calls and reduced infrastructure costs. Using VoIP offers the potential for an array of different communication methods and modern business phones can now handle video calls, conferences, instant messages and email. A dual mode mobile phone even has the ability to automatically switch from an internal Wi-Fi connection to an external cellular connection without the need to end a call! With each device synchronised through the same internet line a business can benefit from having the power to link devices quickly and easily. For example, a business phone can communicate with a desktop PC, laptop or even a printer. Each handset can serve multiple functions and this means there is less of a requirement for separate devices. This reduces investment and maintenance costs. Unlike the traditional landline a VoIP line can be routed to any location that has an internet connection, giving you the option to move freely from one location to another. The range of communications services available to businesses today is impressive. A handset not only has the ability to deliver video conferencing and international calls but can also be linked directly to a PC to monitor and log calls. Those businesses that rely on an automated phone system can use a simple voice-activated system that is easier to use than traditional touch-tone systems. Wi-Fi and wired networks make it possible for devices to communicate with one another from any part of a building so that messages can be delivered quickly and effectively. About the Author: