9Depth China imported four of the most expensive weapons non Su 35 warships to spend 70 tons of gold|Depth China imported four of the most expensive weapons non Su 35 warships to spend 70 tons of gold

Depth: China to import the most expensive non weapon Su-35 four warships to spend 70 tons of gold Sina military editor: in order to better presents readers with a variety of military content, to meet the needs of readers in different reading, to jointly explore the domestic and international strategic trends, Sina military exclusive launch "depth of military intelligence, section, depth interpretation of military news behind hidden trend, three-dimensional rendering of China is facing the complex military strategic environment, welcomed the attention. People often say, China actually also need to enter the vast territory and abundant resources, which is a lot of things, including arms. China imports a lot of arms, then what is the most expensive that? Maybe we will give several answers: Su 35 fighter, S400 missiles, but I want to give you another answer: Anshan class destroyer! After the founding of new China, China has not developed industry, not to mention the construction of warships and maintenance company is a problem, then the navy in the embryonic period, the book various miscellaneous old ships a heap, the actual available only dozens of tons of gunboats. Later, the Soviet Union to give us a great help in the first naval aid agreement signed in 1953, the Soviet Union to provide all kinds of finished ships 32, a variety of combat aircraft 148, shore fire guns 150, etc.. At the same time, providing materials and so on, by helping China in the domestic assembly and construction of various types of vessels 49, and provide a large number of ships to build technology and information, etc.. This agreement alone provides us with a full fleet. At that time provided by the ship, including 07 type 4 destroyers. Built by the Soviet Union before the Second World War fleet destroyer, 1425 tons standard displacement, loaded with 2502 tons, Captain 103.2 meters, 10.8 meters wide, draft of 3.19 meters, the maximum speed of 38. Delivered at the beginning, the main weapon for single joint installed 130 mm naval gun four, twin 37 mm antiaircraft gun four, triple mounted 533 mm torpedo launcher block 2. Four ships 07 in 1954 and 1955 binary number of delivery, we will be named as the "Anshan, Fushun" Changchun "," Taiyuan, referred to as: Anshan class, known as: Four Diamond, which is the first generation of Chinese navy destroyer. Beginning in 1969, "Anshan class destroyers continue to accept the modernization refitting, mainly for removal of torpedo system, dress up two twin mounted upstream – 1 ship to ship missile launching device, at the same time update the other equipment. Be the first missile destroyer of our army. The level of ship service career, several excellent to complete the task, including repeatedly confrontation with foreign military vessels, but did not participate in the any naval, the biggest regret. The 4 vessels are very old, poor performance, joined the Chinese Navy, is already an old ship, but they have trained a large number of Chinese Navy personnel, the role of the accumulation of experience, the work can not be. Since the 1970s, a new generation of the Type 054 frigate served, "Anshan" gradually transferred to the training work, then in the 1980s began retired, the last ship to Anshan ship, retired in April 1992 into the Navy Museum. Since then we have imported from Russia 4 modern class destroyers, also known as the four King Kong, then the previous generation!