9Chinese submarine simulation attack U.S. The United States accused China of violating its commitment|Chinese submarine simulation attack U.S. The United States accused China of violating its commitment

Chinese submarine simulation attack U.S. Accused the United States commitment in Beijing recently, the domestic a story the PLA submarine captain reported violations in China, make the individual media "treasure". In this paper, a description is the media out of context that is "United States Naval Fleet during the voyage being Chinese submarine simulation evidence" of the offense, and accused the Chinese in violation of the marine accidents meet rules ". Chinese military expert Li Jie 17, told the Global Times "reporter, U.S. media in the basic facts is not clear with respect to conjecture" U.S. warships to encounter attack simulation ", it is" hearsay ". Never explain is of U. s.ships simulated the Washington Times 16 attacks, said a Chinese submarine commander "recently boasted submarine during the cruise in the vicinity of the East China Sea, a U.S. Navy fleet of implementation of the simulated attack". Reported that, according to state media, the submarine commander is belongs to the East China Sea Fleet No. 336 submarine captain, in accordance with the principle of China’s military secrecy, he was in command of the "model submarine did not specify types. Quoted in the Chinese media reports said the captain of the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea was running a combat readiness cruise sonar suddenly found strong noise signal, he immediately judgment for large surface warship formation. "Is it quiet or active? Golden opportunity! Huang Donghai quietly approaching Submarine Tactical formation…… Huang Donghai like a deep sea sniper, with great concentration aimed at each other, the successful organization of the implementation of the simulation attack. All this, the other side is not aware of." After the "Global Times" reporter to check the Chinese original, original report did not mention the simulated attack time and place, also did not show the "large surface warship formation" of the country, but the Washington Times itself "brain" is the United States naval fleet "encounter attack simulation". Reported that U.S. officials also accused the incident in violation of China’s "maritime accident encounter guidelines" made the commitment. In fact, the Internet does argument on "submarine No. 336 had on the U.S. aircraft carrier formation simulation attack", but these claims were derived from Chinese Forum on military enthusiasts to the official reports of their own speculation. Li Jie said that in addition to the many basic facts are not clear, the so-called "simulated attack" also for many species: from the simple use of various means of detecting confirm target parameters, to underwater maneuvering seize attack position and in the "everything is ready, just waiting for the launch of the actual combat drills. Some of the primary exercise mode is widely used in naval training ability of sailors. It is the United States Navy frequently on the Chinese warships to simulate the attack and intelligence gathering, and accumulated a large number of signal characteristics of each other, and even in a long distance to determine the target model. "Chinese submarine simulation attack" there was no evidence although not China or the United States Army on the matter of any official confirmation, but the Washington Times has quickly Lenovo to "Chinese submarines had twice in similar simulated attacks targeting the warships of the United States". The report said that the first took place in October 2006, when a Chinese song class submarine was not aware of the situation in the vicinity of the US aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk surfaced, "Kitty Hawk" in the latter equipment]