9China and the times, ushered in the 500 journal Qing – International – People’s network|China and the times, ushered in the 500 journal Qing – International – People’s network

The Greek times usher in 500 journals Qing – International – People’s network, Beijing, January 18, 18 January 2016, the Greek times ushered in the start publication 500, newspapers published article, "another piece of the Aegean Sea, another marathon! "500, is a what kind of figure? In the ancient nation, there are a number of sensitive interpretation of the way. 500 years, Buddhism is one of the most important annals, the whole world to start again after 500 years of a cycle; 500 a day, a year and a half, the Japanese philosopher Nakae Chomin using his life will do the 500 day wrote "a year and a half the book, 500, is a record insights of life. 500 "in Greek times piled up, more than a person’s body height, total 500 print newspapers, connecting up 15 a marathon length. Old big axes are gaining new human power. 500 of the Greek times, and in such a big old shaft rotates with the news media, it is a spirit of all Greek life of overseas Chinese gathered, the today network and micro channel, microblogging platform for the integration of multimedia platform is all concerned about the people of China and the Greek affairs another ‘Aegean Sea’. The Aegean Sea in there, she includes the summer sun warm, winter, blowing to the slowly warm, she is adjusting the climate, supporting the people of boat and ship traffic and… Aegean Sea in there, people may not always think of her, but she has a constant presence of quiet, to provide people with warmth and convenience. 500 Chinese characters, is a foreigner to master the basic words of chinese. 500 Chinese characters is enough to allow a foreigner to ease into the daily life of Chinese people, is a person Oriental civilization to the vast ocean trip solemn began. 500 "in Greek times is a condensation of the 500 Chinese characters. Together, they in the time of marble carving out the today, this day, this is the new Aegean Sea, new marathon!"