9After the defection of Lin Biao killed Zhou Enlai crying The close guard tells the truth.|After the defection of Lin Biao killed Zhou Enlai crying The close guard tells the truth.

After the defection of Lin Biao killed Zhou Enlai crying? Personal guards a truth Lin Biao and Zhou Enlai early his photo, Premier Zhou Enlai side in 15 of the spring and Autumn period, day and night to take care of the prime minister’s life; he accompanied by Premier Zhou couple walked the last years of life, finished, personally planted Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao’s ashes. He’s Zhou Enlai’s bodyguard, Gao Zhenpu. Many years ago, the author has lived with high Zhenpu with a dormitory courtyard, often heard him about some of the Premier Zhou Enlai later years working and living in the past. Now will the memory and the data collected by the author finishing one or two to readers. 913 incident, I have been in the Premier Zhou side on September 12, 1971 evening 7 o’clock, high Zhenpu suddenly received a notice to inform him out of the event and let him immediately to the south central Hercynian Huating. At that time, the first reaction of high Zhenpu is likely to Premier Zhou Enlai disease, because at that time well week has found suffering from coronary heart disease. When he walked into the Xihua hall, which saw the ablaze with lights and chef to cook, waiter, who are concentrated in the guards on duty room. They said that just received a phone call, so that we do a good job in combat ready, while allowing Gao Zhenpu to the fastest speed to the Great Hall of the people in Fujian. Gao Zhenpu do not know what happened, and immediately drove to the Great Hall of the people, running to the Fujian office. Secretary Zhang said, a major event, vice chairman Lin go. Gao Zhenpu eat a great fright, dared not to ask, because discipline provisions, leadership is not about you don’t ask, more cannot ask. At that time they do not understand the specific situation, coupled with a hurry, two people walking around in the aisle. That moment of Premier Zhou Enlai is the most busy, saw him come and go, while convene Politburo meeting, while reporting to Chairman Mao, while also convened the combat forces meeting. In short, the country has entered the most critical state. At that time, the central guard bureau chief in Belleville provisions, only the high Zhenpu and Zhang Shuying (deputy chief Bodyguard) can enter the meeting room, the other side of the leaders of the staff whether secretary or guards are not allowed to enter. That several days, they are not even the rest of the staff room, we stood in the hallway waiting for. Sometimes Zhenpu sleepy could bear, simply on the head, feet down a nap in the marble stairs. Many years later, as long as the high and a go to that place, there will always be on the side of the people said that when I was the Prime Minister of the guards sleep here. In this way, Zhou Enlai has been busy to 13 late at night, just in the office of a plank bed to lie down. Just lie down less than two hours, the Ministry of foreign affairs Wang Hairong called, said there was an emergency to report. Gao Zhenpu and secretary decided to wake up the Prime Minister decided to wake up. Wang Hairong reported to Zhou Enlai that Mongolia had lodged a protest against us, saying that a military aircraft had crashed into their airspace and that it had crashed. Hearing this news, Zhou Enlai quickly took the telegram to the 118 hall to report to Mao Zedong. This has been so busy that the afternoon of September 15th ended, Zhou Enlai then returned to South West Hua ting. Gao Zhenpu said: "there are a lot of reports and articles, and there is a saying, that is, 8