99The Central Military Commission issued the Interim Provisions to strengthen the combattraining – Pol|The Central Military Commission issued the Interim Provisions to strengthen the combattraining – Pol5

The Central Military Commission issued the "Interim Provisions" to strengthen the combattraining – Politics – people.com.cn newspaper Beijing on 21 November,     (Ni Guanghui, Wu Xu) President Xi Jinping approved by the Central Military Commission, recently issued the "Interim Provisions on strengthening the combattraining" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), on the implementation of the combattraining proposed rigid measures, made mandatory norms. The "provision" to the President Xi on the combattraining series of important instructions as a guide, clarifies the basic connotation of the combattraining and general requirements, further understanding of the unified army combat military training, military training is the need to emphasize combat a strict training in combat, is the basic requirement of military training that is an important guarantee to promote the integration of training and actual combat, requiring the army to be the combat permeates the whole process of military training in various fields. The "provision" clearly, to focus on the correction of the current outstanding problems in military training, standardize the combattraining implementation, emphasis will be placed on the enemy, the situation of battlefield environment to carry out training, to ensure the implementation of joint training, continue to promote innovative tactics, tactical training program specification, grasp the commander training, officers, according to the implementation of teaching class teaching, improve military drills, increase the difficulty of training intensity. To focus on promoting the training test wind wind wind play further change, solve the false name, registration and examination of soft contest first prize fight abuse problems such as simple pull pukao, strictly implement the training system, strict organization assessment of the contest pull. We should focus on the scientific deployment of training and support resources, and further improve the effectiveness of the comprehensive training of military training, strengthen the safety management of training, improve the training and publicity. The "provision" stressed that the party committees at all levels should strengthen grasping training responsibility, adhere to the training center, to implement the proposed training system, implement the training performance of "one vote veto"; military training department of supervision and discipline inspection and supervision departments at all levels should play their functions, strengthen supervision; to make timely punishment in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in violation of the "Regulations". "Regulations" requirement, the army and the armed police force should be combined with the actual implementation of measures to refine the relevant standards, to carry out the implementation, and constantly improve the level of military training. "People’s Daily" (November 22, 2016 01 Edition) (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)