99Parents note! Famous dairy enterprises stalls event, these substandard milk – Sohu health|Parents note! Famous dairy enterprises stalls event, these substandard milk – Sohu health9

Parents note! Famous dairy enterprises stalls event, these substandard milk – Sohu health drink milk like you should pay attention to the well-known dairy companies recently stalls event…… The national certification and Accreditation Administration, before the regulatory measures, Australia hundred years of infant formula milk powder production VIPLUS DAIRY PTY LTD (Victoria Aijia dairy Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "dimension plus Dairy") since November 4, 2016 to suspend the registration in China, and this is the year of Australia second were suspended into the Chinese dairy enterprises. The national certification and Accreditation Administration Australia 100 years screenshot there are many brands of milk prices dairy was founded in 1893 in Victoria Jia Hua, Australia is located in the Vitoria area that Pusilan, has been 120 years of history, is the earliest in the Australian formula nutrition milk production and development of dairy enterprises. Production from Victoria Aijia dairy, quantity of milk brand sales in China many, including An Baole, Tonto, dimension, aika Macao, Macao EVA, Pekka McCurry, Macao Lai Jia Yi and other milk powder brands. According to the dimension (China) Aijia Dairy Co., the staff, the company is the general agent of the company in China aika dimension, to suspend the registration qualification in China – plus the situation did not know, have not received the relevant notification, will be verified immediately. There can be problems of enterprise qualification to suspend the registration as a matter of fact, in June this year, the national quality inspection administration announced in January this year to May China imported food inspection and testing the basic situation, dimensional aika has been accused of dairy Detection 2 batches of substandard products totaled 3.8 tons of production of imported infant formula milk powder, unqualified reason for the label unqualified. Senior dairy analyst Song Liang introduced, there is a possibility to suspend the registration of customs declaration, such as found in the detection of unqualified, the existence of non-compliance issues or to apply for the qualification of enterprises, circulation and so can lead to suspended registration. And if the product is detected in the domestic food safety issues will be halted. Issued regulations on imported dairy, tighten management after the 2008 melamine incident, the domestic demand for imports of milk powder in order to better manage the surge in imports of milk powder, the State Quality Inspection Administration issued "on strengthening the management of imported infant formula milk powder" announcement in 2014, from May 1st of that year, the infant formula milk powder production enterprises registered overseas imports are not allowed. In accordance with the provisions of offshore production of infant milk powder companies through regulatory review in raw materials, production, storage, transportation and other aspects, will be allowed to register. Song Liang said that if there is no special circumstances or warning, the general suspension of registration before entering the domestic product can still be sold, but the subsequent products will be suspended imports. If the suspension time is longer, these brands in the domestic sales will be greatly affected. Love is already Australia dimensional dairy milk prices this year, second were suspended in china. In September this year, as China was found to exceed the standard of Staphylococcus aureus, another hundred years Australia enterprises Cam3