99Japanese celebrities battle to win the title of the ultra high end of the Samsung Cup wells Dynasty |Japanese celebrities battle to win the title of the ultra high end of the Samsung Cup wells Dynasty 9

Japanese celebrities battle winning prize of super high tail Samsung Cup wells mountain Dynasty loose – Sohu sports in November 3rd, forty-first Japanese War period celebrity challenge seven time winner of seventh after two days of fighting for victory, 2.5 wins the white challenger Takao Shinji Iyama Yuta, with a total score of 4-3 challenge success. The Japanese title fight history seventh losing streak reversal failed to four wins, Iyama Hiro’s "seven crown pa" 6 months after 13 days in Japan, the symbolic meaning of the title of "celebrity" became the first fall of Wangcheng. Takao Shinji after a lapse of 8 years after the harvest of the "top three" title. Japanese celebrity war champion bonus 33 million yen, or about $2 million 168 thousand, more than the Samsung Cup champion more than 400 thousand yuan. This is the fifth time in the road of high tail gentry seven Fanqi challenge Iyama Yuta, four were lost. 2010 thirty-fifth celebrity war, the celebrity war in the fortieth phase of the 2015 was the two seal. In 2013 sixty-eighth Honinbo war most close to success, the sixth level 3-3 after seventh innings defeat 4.5 white eye. This year in the seventy-first Honinbo challenge challenge again, Takao Shinji xianbatouchou, but after Iyama Yuta broke four game winning streak reached 5 straight bamboo, won the "honorary Honinbo" qualification, also shows that "well Shan Dynasty" indestructible. This year the Honinbo war ended in June 29th, after a lapse of two months, Takao Shinji again in the Meijin seven Chess Challenge, in front of two people and record against age, momentum, no one would expect him to shake the mountain "Jing dynasty". But the result of people be startled at high tail in a month, in the three row, the wells mountain cornered, wells mountain Dynasty so soon? October wells even pull three, the two sides to return to the starting line. Earlier, Japan’s three largest crown seven times winning challenge in history, there have been 10 losing streak after three wins situation, the pursuers won 6 times in the seventh, is being chased 4 times to win the final victory. When the streak of three straight drama come again, I believe the vast majority of chess about wells mountain. The start of the seventh inning in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan in November 2nd, the first day of the 87 hand sealing disc. The two sides to start the 22 popular layout, white is high tail to a situation unique understanding of Sino South Korean chess player generally mending chess on the right. High end two times by the upper hand on the left out appearance, wells mountain black 35 up into the upper left corner of the war, Ko white tail was obviously enrichment, to control the situation. As the late eminent disciples of Fujisawa Hideyuki, Takao Shinji also by the heavy, wells mountain searched a comeback chance and not. After eating 136 white spots in the middle, high tail advantage. Such a big advantage, in the two day of competition, the high tail level master may not be a big mistake, to 251 final, well Shan 2.5 orders lost, "seven crown pa" was hit by a gap. In 2008 3-4 Hane Naoki claimed the Honinbo title after Takao Shinji again after a lapse of 8 years harvest "three crown."!