99Exposure to sign Man Giulia Kikki Luneng Juventus striker Pele double front PA + group (video)|Exposure to sign Man Giulia Kikki Luneng Juventus striker Pele double front PA + group (video)9

Exposure to sign Man Giulia Kikki Luneng Juventus striker Pele double front PA + group? [information] Luneng war Jianye Zhao Ming sword assists Cisse to break the deadlock in October 7th according to the Italy media sports Tencent "SI24" reports, intends to introduce the Italian giants Juventus striker Man Zhu Tucci (official data) based on the Super League team Shandong luneng. Italy news media said, Shandong Luneng has made an offer to Juventus, if Luneng Man Giulia Kikki finally agreed to offer him the next season will jointly Pelle double center, but also blocked the return to the first team to Luneng tardelli. Exposure Luneng quotes Man Giulia Kikki previously, the news media in Italy, Juventus center, said Man Giulia Kikki received from the super offer, but did not disclose the intention of the super team which is a branch of the. The "SI24" report, revealed in the Chinese Super League team name, is the German coach Felix Magath coached the Shandong luneng. "SI24" reported that Luneng has made an offer to Juventus to buy Man Giulia Kikki, and has made contact with the player himself. But so far, Juventus have yet to respond to the offer, because they are not sure whether to sell Man Giulia Kikki, after all, in the European market, such as a good center is a scarce resource. This season, with the arrival of Gonzalo Higuain, Man Giulia Kikki continued to decline in the Juventus position, the season has yet to score, but Man Giulia Kikki’s physical condition is poor, and is 30 years old, I also consider whether a change to play. Foreign media screenshot Man Giulia Kikki height 1.90 meters, the presence of the boss position center, can also serve as the left side of the front or right side, is the first striker in Croatia active duty, but also one of the country’s best striker in history. Man Giulia Kikki had played for Munich Bayern, the team won two Bundesliga titles and a Champions league. Then also in the La Liga giants Atletico Madrid football last summer, Man Giulia Kikki to 19 million euros to join Juventus, first season for the team to win the scudetto. It is worth mentioning that, during the current coach of Wolfsburg Luneng coach Felix Magath, Man Giulia Kikki played in their hands, but the cooperation is not happy. At present, the super array has Pelle and Cisse 2 strikers, China international Yang Xu has not been Majiate favor, former Brazil international Tardelli has canceled the registration after Luneng in the two time this year the transfer period, Man Giulia Kikki accepted the invitation of Luneng once sealed, also return to the road Dudley starr. (totem)