99Again to Xu Jiayin praise from Lang Ping to Lippi just by money|Again to Xu Jiayin praise from Lang Ping to Lippi just by money2

Again to Xu Jiayin praise from Lang Ping to Lippi Lippi and Cai Zhenghua money just by Xu Jiayin forum sina sports football coach post is a hot potato, local coaches, who are not willing to take the teacher; no known association, not fame, shy; football bag. Yesterday, Lippi took over the helm’s official confirmation. This result is welcomed, but also to resolve the crisis Xuanshuai football association. Lippi led the ability, experience and achievements are no doubt with his resume took over the national football coach convincing. The fans are hoping to boost Lippi’s China soccer team is weak for many years. However, this crisis is not the protagonist to resolve the Xuanshuai Football Association, but the boss had invited Lang Ping to return to coaching Hengda Xu jiayin. The recommended Lippi took over the national football coach, Xu Jiayin Quxianjiuguo: money and efforts, and promote the full range of driving behind the scenes. Well documented, Xu Jiayin began to match Lippi and China from 2013, including invited Lippi for the Orangemen to watch the scene, national football game; Lippi early last year as the constant brigade coach, Hengda still keep in close contact with Lippi, even in early August of this year Lippi had to sign a contract, waiting time to recommend to the country foot. From yesterday’s friends broke the news can be seen, Hengda executives personally went to the airport in Hongkong Lippi, Xu Jiayin and other people, such as the president of the people’s Republic of China, and so on, to meet in front of the headquarters of Hengda Hengda, and so on, in order to meet the needs of the people in the city of China, the airport, the airport, the airport, and so on, in order to meet the needs of. More careful users found that Cai Zhenhua, Lippi, Xu Jiayin talks with three boxes, they are beside the Taiwan card and the cup "Hengda" visible elements…… Although the football association did not disclose Lippi’s salary, but the appointment of Lippi as the team Hengda foot school and consultant team of the annual salary of 15 million 500 thousand euros, so the information interesting term to January 31, 2019. Lippi and his team as football coach salary, the term has Yueranzhishang, Hengda bear most of the costs of the facts are completely bared there and then. Of the above, and when Lang Ping returned, to return to Chinese from Hengda women’s volleyball coach process of an identical nature. As the saying goes, money can solve the problem is not a problem. From Lang Ping to Lippi, many things are not resolved only by money, the main or Xu Jiayin that country first, to win glory for the country’s feelings. Xu Jiayin shaoshuoduozuo, the practice of "national honor above all" concept, do a good thing for China football. Just not on how Lippi in charge of the country full prospect, but Xu Jiayin money and efforts, has brought the change and innovation for China football, activate a stagnant pool of China football, should praise.