98Paley was expelled from the Italy national team coach ignored the trouble (video)|Paley was expelled from the Italy national team coach ignored the trouble (video)0

Paley was expelled from the Italy national team coach [] ignore the trouble information Pelle was expelled from Italy national team coach ignored the trouble was expelled from the national team of Italy Tencent Pelle sports news October 7th Italy Football Association issued a statement, announced the Pelle from the national team, Shandong Luneng striker will not participate in the Italy World Cup qualifier against Macedonia, which are as for Ventura’s disrespect by pelle. Spain’s World Cup qualifier against Italy on the focus of the war, Paley Azzurri start, but in the debut of 60 minutes, the general performance of the paley. In sixtieth minutes, Ventura replaced with immobile Pelle, then Luneng Feng BA was not happy, Ventura was on the sidelines when prepared with its hands, Paley directly bypassing the coach, this is very embarrassing for Ventura. After the game, Italy media almost all of Pelle were shelling. For the maintenance of the authority of the coach, the Italy Football Association out of the ticket, said in a statement, "coach Ventura and Italy Football Association Agreement, decided to remove Pelle from October 9th against Macedonia list, all of this is because of rude behavior against the Spanish Pelle game after being replaced by. As part of the Italy team, the players should know how to respect the national team, to respect the staff, teammates and fans, players will return to his mother today." In fact, in an interview earlier today, Ventura chose to remain silent, "such things often happen, I think our is more dissatisfied with their own and their performance in the game, but not the others." Although he is very generous to Paley, but from the ticket, the Italy Football Association will not tolerate Pelle behavior. Our national team get expelled is also to blame, but it is unclear if he is temporarily or permanently removed, not Ventura. But for Shandong Luneng, Pele was temporarily abandoned the national team is good news, in return Luneng, Paley’s focus is on helping avoid relegation to complete the task on luneng. (Ruud)