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Harden no brain failure buried rocket blacksmith addiction! Beard back to the prototype – Sohu sports > > data shoot point record survey Beijing time on November 17th, 2016-17 season NBA regular season continues, Houston rockets away challenge Oklahoma thunder. After the game, the Rockets lost 103-105 thunder, and thunder in the win, but also the end of the 4 successive defeats. Rocket side, Harden made state in general, he got 13 points and 13 assists and 7 rebounds, surrendered 6 turnovers, including the last moment, a fatal mistake beard, is doomed the Rockets win hope. Since 2012, leaving the thunder to the Rockets after harden played almost every visit Oklahoma City, not very smooth. At that time, Durant has such long arm, yibaka defender thunder squad, which covers an area of great mark, is precisely the beard of fear. But this summer, great changes have taken place, the pattern of League thunder side, two little Durant went to Jinzhou, leaving part company each going his own way, Westbrook a stick; rocket side, Howard return to Atlanta, harden finally, become the only core team. Then, two former brother again, they have become a single nuclear led leader. But frankly speaking, harden is better than Houston in houston. On the one hand, according to the characteristics of the beard, coach Anthony made a comprehensive de tactical plan to start the season, the bearded guard led the successful transformation, effect is better. During the campaign, after the opening and harden Westbrook launched a pass, a battle of wits, he sent 5 assists, the efficiency of pressure over the big brother. The second section, with the increase of thunder defensive intensity, harden’s ball, the ball began to encounter strict containment, every time you want to use the inside scoring, or iconic pengci fouls are very difficult. However, this did not prevent, suppress harden confidence. After all, on his side, a group of reliable scorer, as long as the harden pass the ball well, they can be transformed into high score. Easy edge, seize the opportunity to decline in the thunder, the Rockets really started to speed up the attack. During the period, the beard continue to send accurate pass, Ariza, Anderson, has helped Gordon score, who masterminded the rocket attack climax, at the end of the three quarter, helping the other 4 starters scored in double. Inadvertently, Harden himself has sent assists and scoring two pairs of transcripts. However, the original harden thinks victory has been easy for him to put into the pocket, the rocket suddenly distal, full power. During the period, including all harden, how how to vote partial. The last moment, harden is a brainless ball, completely ruined the rocket’s hopes of victory. A ball down, people seem to have seen the last season that not reliable harden. (Poirot)