98Beijing – VIDEO – Chinese dragon boat race teams like Dianchi perfect ending|Beijing – VIDEO – Chinese dragon boat race teams like Dianchi perfect ending9

Beijing – VIDEO – Chinese dragon boat race team perfect ending point like the Dianchi dragon boat race team Dianchi perfect ending point of praise [comment] in September 25th, the Chinese Dragon Boat Race (Kunming? Dianchi) ushered in a more intense finals, 38 dragon boat teams from around the country of nearly 700 people in Dianchi for the lake. After several days of rainy weather, the day of spring in Kunming ushered in the sunny sky. Although the appropriate temperature and humidity to provide a good environment for the race, but the high level of oxygen in the air to reduce, but also for the first time in Dianchi Lake Dragon Boat Team members brought the test. The same period [] (Liaocheng University team leader Zhang Xuelin) when we first day impact is very big, the first 100 meters in accordance with the requirements to our plan, we plan to end point ten players spit out, quickly adjust, somehow we arrived early, now also adapt to the faster than today, have a good performance, has won four titles, a process of adaptation. [interpretation] although there are some altitude sickness, but both players or coaches, the water quality of Dianchi, the situation of the lake and the Organizing Committee of the arrangement thumbs up. The same period [] (Beihua University coach Wang Yang) arrived here (to) ask volunteers, where the water is very clear what he said is very good, we have played many games, the venue is very beautiful, very satisfied, very beautiful. The same period [] (Liaocheng University team leader Zhang Xuelin) is the general game in our head, we are overlooking, it is conducive to our audience, we can get the panoramic view of the performance of athletes, the layout is very good, the environment is very suitable for the Dragon Boat race. [comment] after effective treatment in recent years, the overall quality of the whole lake in Dianchi this year 1 to August for the first time for improved v. At the sight of Dianchi gradually become suitable climate and good water quality in Kunming, the Liaocheng University team leader Zhang Xuelin, built the dragon boat training base in Kunming, let the dragon boat team came to Kunming in the winter training, improve athletic performance of each team’s. The same period [] (Liaocheng University team leader Zhang Xuelin) here we hope to build a base, Kunming sports school is very good, we can come to a winter training, help to improve our performance. [interpretation] the Chinese dragon boat race is the first time in Dianchi, China ushered in the highest specifications, the strongest economic level, the impact of the top of the top dragon boat race in Kunming. The event will be held, not only the dragon boat culture, the spirit of the dragon boat is widely spread and carry forward, it is with Kunming to spread the concept of environmental protection, and jointly called for the protection of highland Mother Lake – Dianchi. Reporter Zhang Kunming reports