96Marathon players complain about the Kenya delegation the Olympic Games Shooting the whole night – So|Marathon players complain about the Kenya delegation the Olympic Games Shooting the whole night – So7

Marathon runners complain that the delegation of Kenya Olympic Games between night shots – Sports Sohu Beijing time on August 30th, in just the end of the Rio Olympic Games, Kenya delegation made 6 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze best score in history, and the 13 medals from all athletics. But at local time on August 25th, the Kenya government announced the dissolution of the Kenya National Olympic Committee (NOCK), three officials were arrested immediately after returning home. Local time on August 25th, Kenya sports minister announced that due to a number of problems during the Rio Olympic Games, the delegation of Kenya, the Kenya National Olympic Committee will be dissolved. The charges include travel arrangements, resource management, poor deduction allowance, new doping scandal and non certified officials etc.. The Kenya Parliament and the track team captain, marathon runner Wesley, Lille at the end of the Olympic Games after the release of some of his fellow players and the situation: "incredible news, after the Olympic Village closed, the Kenya team will be here today to spend their nights!" They’re looking for cheap flights!" The athletes were told that they could be seen but not heard!" "Leaving a place has never made me feel so happy, I can’t wait to see my family after the end of the night’s farce and gunfire." According to foreign media reports, hundreds of friends and relatives of senior officials, the use of the reserve funds of the Kenya delegation to the Olympic Games in rio. As a sponsor, Nike provides 1900 sets of clothing for the delegation of the Kenya team, including athletes, coaches, training services and official clothing, but many people complained that they had only received a set of training services and a set of uniforms. It is speculated that most of the team equipment has been sold on the black market in Kenya. Local time on August 26th, the two Deputy Secretary General of the Kenya Olympic Committee Secretary General Francis Paul led the delegation of Kenya long – James and Stephen – odd check Allah – sue in the home when they arrived at Nairobi airport was arrested. When the police raided the local time in the morning of August 27th Olympic Committee Office, and seized dozens of boxes of Nike sponsor provides the uniform, and this is the players to participate in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio. (Alse)