96AFC Champions League odds Hong Kong look bad customers take full North Korean team or realignment|AFC Champions League odds Hong Kong look bad customers take full North Korean team or realignment6

AFC Champions League odds: Hong Kong look bad customers take full North Korea team or realignment latest odds to win Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 12th, Shanghai port will be in South Korea Jeonbuk Hyundai, the first leg score of 0-0 means that the port in the Second World War to keep at least a draw, but the Gambling company is Jeonbuk look bad beat the home court on Hong Kong, and Shandong Luneng home court beat Seoul FC to Seoul, but FC is more optimistic about the promotion. The first leg of Shanghai port in Quebingshaoqiang under the condition of 0-0 in the north of modern home court, the good news team is Hulk comeback, but for the case of Hong Kong on several key players revealed weakness. The Gambling company at FavBet, in the domestic league unbeaten Jeonbuk winning odds of 1 / 1.80, the Hong Kong and win odds is only 1 / 4.30, the two sides draw at 1 / 3.50. Hong Kong on Hong Kong was optimistic about the away game was eliminated. However, if you can play on the road away from the 1-1, 2-2 and more than a draw, with the advantage of away from the goal to eliminate opponents. At the same time, FavBet out of the Shandong Luneng and Seoul FC match odds, Luneng home court to win the odds for 1 lost 2.27, lost home court at 1 / 3 to 1 / 3.35, the two sides draw. Nevertheless, Shandong Luneng is still not optimistic about being able to eliminate Seoul, after all, the first round of the score is to win the Seoul 3-1. Winning odds, Gambling company Hill Seoul will be reduced to 1 odds FC loss of $2.75, is the biggest winner of the popular. Jeonbuk Hyundai 1 lost 4 ranked second, two South Korean team is optimistic about the reunion. Shanghai ranked 1 in Hong Kong to compensate for the loss of fifth, Shandong Luneng only to compensate for the loss of 34 ranked in the top seventh of the top 1 in the world. (Ai Ma)