95The Lakers team with PK prediction a warrior was swept to win the Clippers (video)|The Lakers team with PK prediction a warrior was swept to win the Clippers (video)3

The PK team was predicted with a NBA win the Clippers warriors across a team of a movie: the Lakers Kobe retired to the end of Zijin collapse rebirth in the new season of sports Tencent news September 13th, the Lakers against the team record would be how? Today, "Lakers insider" columnist Timothy Jenkins wrote this predicted result is the Lakers will be warriors sweep, but they may be able to beat the Clippers at christmas. Los Angeles Lakers VS teenager Russell Sun: 2-2 schedule: November 7th, December 10th, Los Angeles Lakers home court home court, home court the sun in February 16th March 10th sun home court the Lakers and the sun have a deep origin, a cut lore, three extra time and we can think of the competition between them, simply said, the competition between them is very intense. Despite the recent ESPN will predict the Lakers in the Western Conference at the bottom, but the ranking may be overestimated because of their king and almost without a clear direction. In addition, the only German – Booker this potential star, which is significantly better than the lakers. The king of VS: 3-1 schedule: November 11th, December 13th, the king of Kings home court home court in February 15th, April 8th the Lakers home court home court King introduced many veteran in the summer, such as Matt Barnes, Thailand – Lawson and Aaron – afulaluo, however the team is still in a mess. From the management team to coach group, no one seems to know the development direction of the team last season, the Lakers rely on talent to suppress the king, but the same thing will not happen again in the new season, because of the increase of the growth of young players and coaches, the veteran’s change, will let the Lakers to suppress the king. Los Angeles Clippers: 1-3 VS schedule: December 26th, January 15th, the Lakers home court home court, the Lakers clippers home court in March 22nd April 2nd at the Clippers for the Lakers clippers home court with 11 straight wins, Losangeles’s younger brother (clippers) have grown up, since 2013, they have not lost to big brother (the Lakers). Paul, Griffin and Jordan seem to be willing to beat the Lakers for the Lakers, unfortunately, they don’t seem to be in the new season to beat the Clippers in the capital. Along with Svets, Barth et al to join, the clippers have become more powerful, perhaps in the Christmas day, the Lakers can steal a victory. VS Lakers Warriors: 0-4 schedule: November 5th, November 24th, the Lakers home court in November 26th, the Lakers warriors home court home court in April 13th last season the Lakers home court warriors defeated the warriors, but we must clearly recognize that the gap between the two teams, and the new season the warriors will not again slip up. Although Walton is very understanding of the warriors, but Durant joined the warriors become more powerful. If the Lakers are lucky enough to beat the warriors in the new season, they are definitely not the lakers. (Zhang Lei) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.