95Allegri Inter to Juventus on a lead will not kick|Allegri Inter to Juventus on a lead will not kick4

Allegri: inter Juventus lesson has not kicked Allegri led sina sports Juventus 1-2 away by the international Milan reversed, after Allegri also said the team is really should lose a party to do is to learn from the lesson. "We are not leading after the advantages of this two minutes", said Allegri after an interview, "then our performance becomes slow, Pinqiang strength decreased a lot. Today, we must leave a scar, give us a lesson, let us know how to play." "It was a tough game, it was very intense, it was like a fight, we needed more determination and desire, and we should have taken the score, especially when we were in the lead." Allegri continued. The game uses P Janic Allegri midfield rather than Romina, in this regard, he explained, "I think P Janic played a great game, Romina is indeed in some games played well last season, but he played only 9 times, so we still can not give him too much pressure. Today, the biggest reason is Juventus lose the technical level, we lost the ball too easily, corner of the defense is also a problem. This is not the end of the world, I was worried about the beginning of the season so strong against the team, but the team’s performance has been great, and now we have to do is learn from." (Wellman)