94The FA kuxun naturalized players Allardyce win by outsiders (video)|The FA kuxun naturalized players Allardyce win by outsiders (video)6

The FA kuxun naturalized players Allardyce: win by Allardyce Allardyce: the three lions who need to look toward the Tencent sports news August 30th according to the British "Guardian" the latest reports, the England team coach Allardyce publicly saying, the three lions to win the heavyweight honor, can only rely on naturalized players! Allardyce made it clear that, since cricket, football, track and field can do so, why not football?!" This summer, Allardyce became the new coach of the England team, he recently announced the latest issue of the three lions squad. According to the British media reported that in the announcement before, Allardyce once tried to currently play in the Liga outfit Seville midfielder player Steven – en Zong Qi called into the England team, just as 7 years ago, the midfielder who represented France U21 youth team played a game, so he no longer has on behalf of the England team. The appearance of the qualification, Sam that regret it. The "Guardian" reporter Daniel – Taylor pointed out that Allardyce’s approach to the Fa "eye opening", at present they have changed the attitude of the players before the domestication, and England is looking for qualified football for the three lions debut non England nationality player. In fact, when the 2013 januzaj when Manchester United turned out, "the guardian" will have discussed the possibility of his appearance on behalf of the England team. However, when januzaj lived in England for long enough, and in second years by the Belgian national team coach Will Motz to participate in the Brazil world cup. In addition to januzaj, Arteta, Almunia such player, once is England’s extreme lack of "type of player", but at that time due to the FA for naturalized players is not interested, so he England coach never really done for these three lions need players domestication. In international football, Spain is far Piji (the current Chilean National team coach Diego – Costa), near Italy, Camoranesi, Tiago Mota, Asamoah Eder, germany…… There is no lack of the top teams have a precedent for the players, so the introduction of naturalization players in England is not impossible. As Allardyce said at the press conference, "since cricket, football, track and field can be naturalized players, then why not football?!" (Robbie)