91Overweight supervision information management plan downsizing affect the geometry|Overweight supervision information management plan downsizing affect the geometry9

Overweight supervision planning "downsizing" affect the geometry of sina fund exposure table information management: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The upgraded version of the "eight line" provisions after landing, the information management plan in the field of regulatory initiatives continue to overweight. From a subsidiary of the fund’s news shows that regulators including the information management plan filing, investment advisory services and other measures in the refinement, and the status of existing capital management plan thoroughly. The regulatory force, so many resources including the fund’s subsidiary, the company was the pressure tube. In the incremental business tightening, while the stock business may also gradually downsizing". If the stock of information management plan a wave of production capacity, although the overall trend of A shares will not bring a significant impact, but some of the information management plan to intervene in the deeper stocks may have a substantial impact. A fund subsidiary responsible person said that in the past few years, the rapid development of high leverage structured information management plan was an important channel to attract foreign investment into the city. In the last year of market adjustment, a large number of highly leveraged investment plan tube explosion, not survive. Therefore, from the stock point of view, information management plans to continue to leverage short-term impact on A shares limited. From the perspective of the new regulations, the future investment in A shares of information management plan to reduce the amount of material. Reporter Li Liang – regulation "touches the soul" is known as an upgraded version of the "eight line" of the "Securities and futures business institutions of private asset management business management Interim Provisions" implemented in July 18th. Then came news of the market, the CBRC issued financial regulatory rules, constraint path structured information management plans to use the money bank financial leverage; around the CSRC requirements and information management company conducted a self-examination and rectification for the "eight line", the continuation of the stock investment plan tube problem of steep change; for part of the record management plan the new capital, and that the regulators will take regulatory measures more detailed. The policy of a link and one, the information management plan in recent years Chizha A shares of the star, is ushering in the regulatory storm. For regulatory policy "accourding", some of the information management company feel be taken by surprise. Among them, just a few years to grow to about 11 trillion of the size of the assets of the fund management company deep feelings. A fund subsidiary executives admitted to reporters, if in strict accordance with the new eight bottom line to regulate the business, the existing asset management subsidiary of the fund’s size will decline avalanche. In the new regulations landing more than in January after a reporter asked several subsidiaries and found that although the new regulations were repeated discussions, but for a subsidiary of the fund in the development prospect of the information management plan, we generally pessimistic attitude. This is called the soul of the industry regulatory storm, what will change the existing information management plan pattern? China Securities Daily reporters found that in addition to reach a consensus on the fund subsidiary company owned tube channel shrinking business, to invest in A shares market information management plan in the last year a large number of explosion in the background, this year may reduce the amount of. Taking into account the part of the record audit efforts, and to leverage the background of structured information management plan less attractive investment with the qualification of class