91Milan winter summer to catch prey agent suggests a window or cast – Sports Sohu Juventus goalkeeper|Milan winter summer to catch prey agent suggests a window or cast – Sports Sohu Juventus goalkeeper7

Milan winter summer to catch prey agent suggests a window or investment Sohu – Juventus goalkeeper Donnarumma hinted that the sports broker or investment Juve   according to the general statement of the Italy media, Milan AC December 2nd shareholders’ meeting, EU sports officially took over the Rossoneri, entering the Chinese era. In the Chinese consortium settled after AC Milan will be rich overnight, as in the past no longer on the market just do not buy, it is reported that coach Montella may get a sum of up to one hundred million euros of funds. So, AC Milan winter window who will buy it? "Turin sports newspaper" broke the news, AC Milan in January next year the first signing will be Musacchio, this is the Rossoneri this summer prey, but because the transfer fee is not settled down. This summer, AC Milan and Villarreal Musacchio trading into the depth of the negotiations, but the yellow submarine on the price of 30 million euros on the Rossoneri eventually give up. In January next year, AC Milan has become rich, the acquisition of Musacchio be nothing difficult. The 26 year old Musacchio, the edge of the Argentina international debut on the river bed, in 2009 joined the Villarreal, has represented the yellow submarine in 231 appearances and scored 7 goals. During the Villarreal drop into Serie B, he did not choose to leave, but left behind the yellow submarine, then to help the team to kill back. It is reported that Musacchio and the Villarreal’s contract expires in 2018 summer. About Donnarumma’s future, though there is news that he might succeed Buffon to Juventus, AC Milan goalkeeper said all financial genius want more, he will stay, "Buffon’s successor to Juventus? A lot of people say that I am a successor to Buffon, but now I only focus on AC Milan, this team is a team I supported since childhood, I think he has played in the giants." Although Duonaluma publicly denied, but his agent Raiola did not take it as an interview Pro Cheng, need China consortium settled after another evaluation, "we have to look at the Milan AC what changes will occur, then make evaluation." About Raiola’s remarks, it is not hard to think when bogeba transfer, it was said that even with this gentleman, to finally let the French superstar leave Juventus, even give up to join Real Madrid idol Zidane, with the price of 105 million euros to manchester. (little care)