91Messi and Barcelona contract renewal plan|Messi and Barcelona contract renewal plan9

Messi delay and new network Barcelona contract plan in Washington (reporter Zhang Wei) Messi’s contract has been to the Barcelona club as soon as possible to determine, but just yesterday, Spain "Marca" claimed that Messi refused to renew the request ahead of barcelona. According to Spanish media reports, as early as July of this year, Messi and his girlfriend was the family together in the holiday island of Ibiza, Barcelona to Messi put forward early renewal request, make people feel a little surprise, Messi thought, decided not to continue with Barcelona and about their ideas were clearly explained to the Barcelona president, he even expressed the idea of transfer. It is reported that Messi and Barcelona contract expires in the summer of 2018. According to informed sources, Messi hope that after the expiration of the contract with Barcelona, and then consider the issue of renewal. After listening to Messi’s decision, Barcelona President Ba Tomei U was shocked, he asked the two time to reconsider the decision of his own, Messi. Since then, however, there has been no official contact between Barcelona and Messi. In accordance with the existing contract, Messi and Barcelona’s contract expires in the summer of 2018, did not complete the advance contract when left half a year, people have to start thinking about a problem: Messi will stay in Barcelona? If he really wants to leave, what will be the transfer fee?.