91Guo Shiqiang, Guo Ailun, should be playing tonight|Guo Shiqiang, Guo Ailun, should be playing tonight2

Guo Shiqiang: Guo Ailun will play tonight should be some of the problems in his stomach Guo Ailun tonight will return sina sports news Beijing time on November 9th, the 2016-17 season CBA league tournament fifth round game today to play. Tonight, the most concerned about Shenzhen’s home game against Liaoning, because the game will lift the ban on Guo Ailun. Coach Guo Shiqiang has confirmed he will play in the game. "If it’s not a big accident, he should play tonight." Coach Guo Shiqiang in the morning after the end of the training interview, but he said that the physical condition of Guo Ailun is not very good, he is not really good physical condition. The day before yesterday, I went to a hospital in Dongguan. First he occasionally still have low fever, second of his stomach and also some problems." Guo Shiqiang said, according to the physical condition of Guo Ailun he may adjust the playing time, "he did as a player, the body is very important, but tonight I feel him won’t have too big problem. But how long he played, what level can play, this is very difficult to predict. He is not in good health, physical strength is not the best state." Shenzhen, Guangdong is the three home court final, but Guo Ailun finally ushered in the lifting of the ban, at least let down staff rotation to ease, "team physical consumption is great, because we lack 4 players to rotate, the previous round game is very difficult for us, because we use very few people, so now these players play physical consumption is very big." In response to the current difficulties, it seems there is no good solution, Guo Shiqiang said, "in the game as much as possible the rational use of personnel, the deployment of their physical fitness, second as much as possible to give them some adjustment in training." (Chen Xi)