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Guo Mingji: since the first half of 2017 iPhone sales will continue to decline – Sohu technology [Technews] science news of Apple’s new iPhone 7+ 7 launch, although the market criticism as past generations of new machine after the launch of the situation. However, apple iPhone 7 7+ sales is not the same as before the machine is also a fact. Therefore, Guo Mingji KGI securities analyst on Apple products has always been research experience, pointed out in the latest report, 2017 iPhone intelligent mobile phone sales will continue to decline. According to recent statistics show that Apple’s iPhone smartphone in the last 3 quarters, the sales decline for the same period last year, compared with the previous year. Therefore, Guo Mingji in the latest report predicts that the first half of 2017 apple iPhone 7 7+ sales decline trend will continue. Guo Mingji said, according to the forecast, in the first half of 2017, the total sales of the entire iPhone will decline compared with the previous year’s sales. The main reason is the weak demand for the Chinese market for iPhone smartphones, as well as 4.7 inch screen iPhone shipments slow. In addition, the second quarter of 2017, the lack of a new version of the iPhone SE intelligent mobile phone market share, may also cause adverse effects on the overall sales of apple iPhone. Guo Mingji further predicted that in the first quarter of 2017, iPhone shipments will fall between the number of 4000 to 50 million, while in the second quarter of 2016, Apple’s shipments have reached 51 million 200 thousand. As for the second quarter of 2017 is expected to not more than 40 million, also lower than the same period in 2016 of 40 million 400 thousand. In addition, in order to protect the profits of the iPhone, the supplier has recently reflected Apple’s price in the supply chain, especially in the storage chip and display panel. In this case, Guo Mingji pointed out that Apple’s future may continue to develop iPhone SE and other prices slightly cheaper products to grab the market. After all, lower priced handsets are more competitive in emerging markets. As for the next generation of iPhone high-end smart phones may add some new selling points, and only in this way will have the opportunity to increase sales in order to maintain the profit of Apple Corp. (the first figure source: Apple’s official website) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News