90Railway Cafe taste delicious steak, enjoy the train style – Sohu eat and drink|Railway Cafe taste delicious steak, enjoy the train style – Sohu eat and drink7

The hospital | taste delicious coffee steak, enjoy eating and drinking coffee style train – Sohu Railway Institute, is located in the lotus road, from the side of the lotus road far, there is a large sign on the side of the road, walked into the courtyard is a sign. Although the name called coffee, but it should be a western restaurant, a great steak, salad, soup, pasta, sandwiches, snacks, meals? What the coffee, the boss is a very Goods are available in all varieties., dedication to the delicacy and obsession, the ingredients are the boss every day run around here and there around looking for selecting the best cook is the boss does not stop studying and testing and chef daily until the perfect taste, than ordinary Cafe dishes rich superior taste than the professional restaurant relaxed unique personality, although not what promotion, but has attracted a lot of fans, and in the rapid increase, if you want to know what, with me to visit a. The coffee was school yard, parking, in the land of this area is a rare lotus. On the edge of the yard is the railway, from time to time, the train roared past, but now the train is very quiet, so it will not quarrel. The layout of the restaurant is very elegant and romantic, very literary flavor, is full of flowers and books, there are elaborate decorations, crystal clear sunny room, there are private small quiet rooms, the atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable. Leisurely afternoon, warm sun, drinking coffee and eating steak, reading a book by looking at the window of the train and had a face, what is on the car, he (she) who come from where, where to go, he (she) what are some experience, some of what it is how many of the passions, they are my grief at separation and joy in Union, the scenery, I did not view them… A time… Your time and thoughts in the boundless, busy life, to have such a suitable place for a make blind and disorderly conjectures not a kind of happiness. In a daze wandering in the stomach, put me back to reality, to enjoy the delicacy meal… Salmon… Avocado salad, avocado bulk fragrance, pickled salmon large salty taste, fresh juicy vegetables, special salad is a salad quickly find everything fresh and new, carve out. As the emperor Wine, eat a row must have the appropriate wine, this wine is the boss came from abroad, it is difficult to set the limited number of drink very lucky today, this is brewing in winter with grapes, ice drink, taste sweet, refreshing, only match it is said that just to sell steak, and collocation steak is not for money, so at cost price to sell. Wang steak, served a bit startled, a large piece of beef, dark brown in color, rough performance attractive luster, can not wait to cut the entrance send off a taste, delicate and chewy, cooking is not just perfect taste flavor, long aftertaste. As many of those small adorn Vegetable & Fruit are imported, not only as a decorative cast is also very delicious oh. Australian beef steak, a large round thick, simple without fancy, sometimes the more simple the more attractive, large pieces of meat can always attract me instantly. Cut the inside color powder.