90Korean media blasted the super player to play too rough like Hong Kong fans picking up trash – Sport|Korean media blasted the super player to play too rough like Hong Kong fans picking up trash – Sport1

Korean media blasted the super player to play too rough like Hong Kong fans picking up trash – Sports Sohu reported screenshot Beijing on September 15th news, South Korea K League two teams to Jeonbuk Hyundai, Seoul FC were eliminated in Shanghai on the Hong Kong and Shandong Luneng, hand cut AFC Champions League four, which also means the South Korean team will clinch a final places. South Korean media today in a special report has aroused strong repercussions in the North Korean network, shelling in the game on the Hong Kong players suffered rude treatment, "to form a great contrast with the lack of occupation spirit of the super players, the Hong Kong player character etiquette is warm." Korean media said the South Korean team in the league this season in the AFC Champions League except against the team, there is a potential "enemy" — the referee: "the opponent always make small movements, and the referee often blind to the foul situations such as our players, we must keep calm." Report to the way the exposure of the photos, 13 days in the north of modern Shanghai and Hong Kong AFC Champions League 14 finals of the second round, Hong Kong players often use and ingenious "photographic evidence of infringement" Jeonbuk players body: "because the referee and not as conniving, Hong Kong player moves more and more bold, the fortunately, our players have not been knocked down these little tricks, but will be more focused in the game. This is the year before last year, North AFC Champions League, the player has not understand mouth but with your feet to prove their strength, the result of 5-0 had it all." The report pointed out that although the Hong Kong fiasco, but stands on the Chinese fans with good manners is to get the one hundred points: "after the game, the Hong Kong fans carefully cleaned up the trash before leaving the audience, the body feel warm heart. Chinese football fans have been able to see the huge progress in the development of Chinese football and the huge potential of the future: obviously compared to the strength of the players, Chinese fans grow faster." This report caused a heated debate in the Korean network. Many Korean friends agreed: "either the pictures or text views are too insightful, right", "China fans did more than Dong Liyi, a professional player China spirit", "Chinese fans praise, and we abide by etiquette", "very sympathetic China fans, Chinese football is so disappointing." Some people continue to play football player Chinese shelling Savage: "Hong Kong players hands and feet, is being fed 5 balls, ha ha ha ha, too ironic, Jeonbuk players are plug life to spell, but fortunately no one was hurt so", "China players too shameful, not to play, to practice Chinese Kung Fu!" (Mai Yuan)