90Bendtner excited and old Arsenal championship has the feeling of home reunion|Bendtner excited and old Arsenal championship has the feeling of home reunion7

Bendtner and Arsenal Championship Reunion: old exciting feeling at home when Bendtner – Arsenal B52 bomber sina sports "God" Ibrahimovic strong joined Manchester United, only 3 games in the Premier League launched a strong cyclone. Now, another from Scandinavia, claiming to be "God" returned to the England football star, but he was joining the Championship: once A Senna’s "emperor" Bendtner, after this summer Wolfsburg surrender, after all are free to join the Nottingham forest. Back to this piece of their own familiar land, Bendtner’s mood is naturally good, especially with the former two former teammates with the effectiveness of the reunion after A Senna. "Armand Lansbury and Traore and I had met, when I was only 16 years old. They told me a lot about the great history of the club and brought me into it as soon as possible." "There is a feeling of home in England, I love England, I love the way I live here, and I like the atmosphere here. You know, my family lives in England, so I don’t have to see them every day, like in germany. Now, I need to restore my body and state, and soon you will be able to see the best of me." (Alduin)