8Ukrainian Prime Minister Jacek nyuk said the resignation of human reason manufacturing Ukrainian pol|Ukrainian Prime Minister Jacek nyuk said the resignation of human reason manufacturing Ukrainian pol

Ukrainian Prime Minister sub yatsenyuk resign, said the man-made causes manufacturing Ukraine’s political crisis in new network news agency Astana, April 10 (Xinhua) Kiev news: Ukrainian Prime Minister sub mining nyuk local time 10 days in a televised speech announced to resign from the post of prime minister, and said it would on the 12th the related proposal submitted to the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) for deliberation. Jacek nyuk in his speech introduced the achievements made by the government under the leadership of, expressed his gratitude to the colleagues within his own camp. And says, "the position of the prime minister is a burden, a tool, not a privilege." Countries should be in their resignation, as soon as possible to form a new government, otherwise, the prospect of chaos will inevitably". According to the Ukrainian news agency reported, Jacek is the resignation of a comment on the said, people generally want to through the replacement of a leader to solve the problem, "the idea that politicians lost his mind, cannot be the actual reform of countries continue to implement, change of government but is marking time. Jacek think, the country’s current political crisis is man-made, "our government, society and country become crisis making their hostages. Data figure: Ukrainian Prime Minister Jacek appeared in the Knesset released annual report of the government, was a senator attack from the president’s own party, after triggered members infighting. Wudang, the media said that the recent changes in the prime minister’s job has become a major issue of political life in Ukraine, the people continue to discuss". At present, the highest voice is the current speaker of the new Prime Minister Gro eastman. Gro Eastman himself said that if the new ruling coalition can successfully formed, and all support him as prime minister, he will assume responsibility. From the beginning of the end of last year, Ukraine’s political crisis in the horizon, as a sub yatsenyuk, led by the government for the implementation of the reform and anti crisis measures haven’t achieved, gradually lost part of the parties and public opinion support. Ukrainian parliament’s ruling coalition internal criticism of the government’s voice rising. In mid February this year, the Ukrainian political contradiction further intensified, the important landmark event is the government does not trust the case has not been voted through. Jacek nyuk was born in 1974, served as Ukraine’s foreign minister, speaker of Parliament, had participated in the 2010 Ukraine presidential election. February 2014 was elected Prime Minister of Ukraine, in July 24th of the same year was submitted to Parliament in his resignation in protest against the ruling coalition. (end)